New-ish Monk question

So, decided to try a Monk for the first time in, like, 6 years. I’ve managed to get to T9…anything above that, I get squashed quickly. Could someone kindly take a look at my config and make some suggestions:

I’m using Icyveins but beyond the 6-item set, I’m missing pretty much the rest of the items so not sure what I should be working on first. Pretty much none of the items have dropped from bounties or Rifts, not sure what the issue is.

Thanks for any help.

Use RORG to fit in LEFEBVRE’S SOLILOQUY for 50% dmg reduction. Also I don’t suggest to main Raiment build, its too weak. Switch over to PoJ when possible.

the build is not weak but you need perfect gear and 6k para. try any other build, preferred new tr with swk or poj or take a wol build. these are easy to equip and play and you can get gear faster. most fun build is uliana but gear is crucial for this

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The Legacy of Dreams build is much easier to play than Raiment. Since the gem drops earlier now, it allows you to run a LoD build earlier than usual with random legendaries from drops or crafted at the blacksmith. As long as you have the Torch in the cube and Pinto’s in the cube or equipped, you should be strong enough to farm for the remaining items to make a full WoL build. Once that is up and running you can stick with WoL or switch to a Tempest Rush build (either Sunwuko or Patterns of Justice).

Thanks for the advice. What’s the best way to farm for the WOL/POJ gear? Rifts and Bounties? Are any of those items craftable besides Captain Crimson’s?

Use the cube to upgrade rare daibos to get an Incense Torch of the Grand Temple and Balance, both of which get cubed. Once you have the LoD gem, just throw any random legendary items in your stash or craft at the blacksmith. There are best in slot items for WoL but having 13 legendary items and a rank 25 LoD gem should allow you to handle GR35+ to rank gems higher while getting you shards to spend on armor slots, looking for SWK, PoJ and LoD WoL gear. Farm regular rifts at the highest difficulty that you can do in under 4 minutes for keys and Death’s Breaths. Use the Death’s Breaths to upgrade rare fist weapons (which the blacksmith can craft) to get the weapons for Tempest Rush and WoL and the cube weapons if you’re missing either Balance or Torch. You will also use the cube to upgrade rare rings and amulets while trying to get the best for the build you’re trying to put together.

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Rifts and GR are the best way to farm for gears.

I would take opportunity of this new player monk blog to ask what are the main differences between all sets of monk. It seems like every build is quite meele oriented and I do not understand the pro and con or mechanic of them.could be helpful to op too I think.

Sunwuko set - The caster build of the class. It only buffs Wave of Light, Lashing Tail Kick and Tempest Rush. It used to be best played as a ranged class with Wave of Light but the recent patch brought new power to Tempest Rush. SWK set has the highest set bonus amongst all of the monk sets.

Raiment of the Storms - The generator / Dashing Strike set. The set only buffs Dashing Strike after using a generator and buffs generators after using Dashing Strike. The set has a LOT of damage but it is fairly squishy and best used by high paragon players who can dump extra paragon into Vitality so they can survive.

Uliana’s Stratagem - The Exploding Palm set. It is a mainly melee set that relies on using Seven Sided Strike to detonate Exploding Palm and spreading EP via the Gungdo Gear bracers. It is an extremely fun build, imho, but it Is not as powerful as the other sets available. The build also suffers from pigeonholing since there is only 1 viable setup and skill selection.

Inna’s Mantra - The pet set. Inna’s is a universal set that buffs every ability while giving you a personal army of Mystic Allies to tank damage for you and help dps targets down. Since it buffs everything, it can be played as any setup but Inna WoL is the most damage the build is capable of.

Patterns of Justice - The Sweeping Wind / Tempest Rush set. This is the new set for monks and it requires both SW and TR to be active in order for it to buff everything that you do. It has VERY fast movement speed and with the change to TR items in the recent patch, has a lot of dps, but not as much as Sunwuko.

Legacy of Dreams / Legacy of Nightmares - The no set builds. LoD and LoN rely on either the LoD legendary gem or the LoN ring set, both are the same set bonus when fully geared up but LoD has a slight edge since you get more gear choices with 2 open ring slots. Both of these builds affect everything so they are versatile but typically played as a WoL build since WoL has the most sources of bonus damage amongst monk gear and has a HUGE area of effect.

Which are more gr oriented vs bounties. And in general if I want to do campaign mode it sounds to me more logical to use a bounties variation or speedfarm as it usually is named. What do you think?

The only way that the campaign is “fun” is going for speed, even if it’s not trying for the conquest. So if you’re going to run it, try PoJ TR or a LoD build with In-Geom. The best GR builds are the various WoL builds and the new king, Flurry TR (SWK followed by PoJ).