New Idea for Altar of Rites bottom choices

I wish they would have added a wee bit of season 27 into this Altar of Rites. Make Staff of Herding the last thing needed to unlock very bottom (underneath potion choices), BUT at the bottom would be options you could pick from that would empower one of the sets that class uses and you can only have 1 of those options active.

*1 option for each Set a class has
*It would change the way a set works in a minor/major way like season 27 did
*Can unlock all options, each one costing a Staff of Herding
*Only 1 option can be active at once
*This would make your char feel like that fully powered up Nephalim of Lore

Or another option would be to add an extra power to certain legendary items / gems instead of a season 27 style buff.

I really think that would have been a REALLY cool feature to have with this Altar of Rites Season.

What, no. Most sets were completely untouched by the power of the S27 theme.

All you want is to keep the S27 power by hiding it behind a façade request. Man up and just say you want to permanently be overpowered.


I didn’t play season 27 because I didn’t like the powers they added for the class I like to play. And they could add a MINOR power to EACH SET not just add in season 27 powers…they could be something totally new. I ALSO stated that it doesn’t have to be about sets and could add extra power effects to LEGENDARY and/or GEMS.

This is why people don’t even try to make suggestions on gaming forums anymore due to the amount of toxicity that comes from people. You could have just disagreed but you had to not only BULLY with your comments but then you had to add in Crybaby at the end which is totally uncalled for especially because you THINK I played S27 and liked it when in actuality I didn’t play it BECAUSE I didn’t like the powers they added for the class I play, but the idea behind it was great.


Actually, what I’d be interested in is if the pylon/potion node was to be replaced then replace with something like “All items become cross-class applicable”.

So the idea would be all classes would have access to Krysbin’s, or Mask of Jeram, or Fortress Ballista, or the Barbarian weapons that increase attack speed and damage to primary Skills.

Lots of items limited to class specific items have generic abilities like extra damage to cc’d enemies, extra pet damage, a shield for attacking, and so on and so on.

At least that would be cool. Maybe throw in a fourth cube slot on top.

Maybe by season 30. S28 is in the books.

Cool idea but that would definitely need a PTR test, I feel like that would break a class or 2.

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