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Trust levels - How to check

TY for an updated version for the D3 forums WyomingMyst! I love that you did it with Diablo related examples <3


Except for the Overwatch one at the bottom of the post, but then again, shiny new forum = no wikis yet as nobody has TL3 capability outside of the MVPs. :wink:

Will be interesting to see if the guide makers ultimately use the wiki format to help keep things relevant down the line.


Typo spotted. The bold example has underscore instead of double asterisk!


Not entirely true. :wink: Check your permissions. I’ve made sure a few of our core community members who contribute meaningfully have been elevated to TL3. It’s taking me a while to get to everyone, as this is a manual process for me to copy over and I have to make sure they’ve posted on the new forums already, but hit me up if you think I’ve missed someone and I’ll investigate to make sure I’m lending power appropriately.

Thank you for copying this over, WyomingMyst! I was hoping that you would. It’s a wonderful guide and I know I found it immensely helpful in preparing our forums in advance of the launch. Thanks again!


Mine is TL0. You can check using the .json trick by adding .json at the end of your name after clicking on it in any forum post. Not that I’d ever be as awesome as WyomingMist though. He’s a pro. Me…well, I’m just weird. :smiley:

Hopefully the post I’m working on will function properly for its intended use. One thing I do want to pass along, as it would help your CS/TS MVPs is that the tech area needs to either have auto-link parsing into plain text or some relaxation on the link restrictions so folks can post dxdiag reports without having to resort to pastebin, which half the players coming there have no clue how to do. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, whyfor is MysticalOS listed as CS instead of Tech? Feels weird.

Edit 2: Someone to recommend for a TL3 would be EazyTarget#1303, as he does weekly guides for challenge rifts. Would probably make it slightly easier on him on the new forum software.

I'm the guinea pig

I just updated it. It may require you to relog to kick in. :wink: Be good!

Because there is only one category now.


WyomingMist is listed as Tech though? Just pointing that out. :slight_smile:


Yep, just noticed the same and checked on it. I feexed eet.


Oh noes. I hope I didn’t just get WyomingMist changed (was looking for the vice versa there). :open_mouth:


You did not get him in trouble. WM is actually a Tech Support MVP for Overwatch but being the first to have the transition, and having a background in this sort of thing, he made great guides for all the rest of the games as the forums updated. IVrak was also doing things as was Nev. It does not really matter as all TS/CS are under the same program anyway.

Guide writers in particular should have some shiny trust levels so they can keep up the amazing work they do with the new Wiki format. There is a way to manually bump certain people, or so I am told.

As for groups, flags, and permissions, some of those are still being set up.


You guys should just port over all the useful stickied threads from the old forum in here. a FAQ would be very helpful.


Gonna bookmark this. I haven’t gone to fiddling around as much when I was on the Overwatch forums so this will be a great reference for when I’m posting something aside from a comment.



If Blizzard ports the guide threads that are player created then the player can’t edit them anymore. For the player to retain control they need to migrate it themselves, or so I was told.


I like all the links to the Diablo 3 homepage claiming to go to the Starcraft 2 ones.


This is indeed correct. It is a situation Stoneblade ran into with his old Mac performance thread that got ported over on the WoW side. He couldn’t edit it and had to redo it as a new thread and then request the new one get stickied.

It’s a security feature to prevent improper use of forum features and serves as a safeguard for both Blizzard employees and regular posters alike.

Huh? I don’t see that here. Got anything more detailed we can check on to see what’s up?


As below - It in the last part of the guide, on how to add images and embedded content. I can’t direct quote it due to my current trust level :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, mybad. I totally misread that as stating the D3 homepage links themselves were linking to SC2. Oops. Didn’t realize it was about the guide up top here. So tired today… :frowning:


Thank you! Bookmarked, so I can explore these features in the future.


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Grateful for the changes, the guide, and the community. Back to lurking.

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