New character Death Knight!

I think something like subclasses would be cool:

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Why would the “dark knight” have to be from the crusader/paladin lineage? What about tying said “dark knight” type of character to the order of the mages who sought to Summon and enthrall the demons. This would open up a knight who can utilize melee but also…I don’t know, bend the will of demons? Summon demonic thralls? Absorb powers from demons?

Just another idea.

It does not have to be the same lineage, but it also could be like choosing your characters backstory.

It is the same person, just with a different backstory and in one he choose to become a Paladin/Crusader and in another one he became a Dark Knight (or he was adopted by Paladins or Dark Knight).

Something similar for your idea with an order of mages that this knight belongs to.

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It doesn’t have to. The general idea that was stated for the “Death/Dark/Evil” Knight is that it’s to be a tanky shield bearing class that utilizes dark magic such as summoning skeletons and cursing enemies. So such a class can honestly branch from the necromancers or paladins/crusaders; or it can be independent from the existing classes and have it’s own lore added to the game (hopefully without messing up the existing lore too much).


Gotcha. I’m all ears, as long as it ties in with the lore, I would be for a new class. I mean a class with mixed skills like putting little Nicky from the movie in could fit as well.

The birth of the humans did come from both dark and light aspects right? Could cast killer rabbits with one hand and little demon with another! (Yes it is a joke)

Yes, a Death Knight, as Paladin-Necromancer hybrid would be awesome really. But they haven’t shown themselves to be as creative when it comes to classes. :frowning:

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Monk,Paladin,Warrior,Rogue,Mage,Druid are in both WoW and Diablo… nothing is exclusive to anyone.

Most rpg’s have dark/death knights (it’s just the name that changes in them)

D&D :

Grim Dawn : Soldier + Necromancer = Death Knight

Final Fantasy XIV :

EverQuest 2 :

Dragon Age Origins :

Rift :

Age of Conan :

Divinity Original Sin 2 : +

Baldur’s Gate :

and many other RPGs which i cannot think of now…

some of these RPGs existed before WoW, so it’s definitely not a WoW exclusive class…


Please, for the love of Sanctuary, No @ the idea of a “Death Knight”. I’m open to possibilities, but I cringe every time I see this being suggested.

I’m very much hoping for a sword & shield style character similar to the crusader, if not the crusader. I think it would be interesting to have a non-religious affiliated knight-class. But, I’m also all onboard with them expanding on the story and lore that’s already there - I would like to know more.

In these dark times that is the setting of D4, where the Light has left Sanctuary, I think it would be really cool if we explored more of the lore that has already been provided with the fall of the Zakarum order & Crusaders purging the corruption of their faith. Perhaps we could learn more about the origins of the faith itself and who or what, exactly, Yaerius really was and where he’s been. With Lilith, the prime evils and foreseeably Inarius story lines being fleshed-out, perhaps we’ll see the return of Yaerius as well, who helps usher in the Light back to the denizen’s of Sanctuary. Lore-wise, these are some of my hopes.

To that end in character playability, I very much hope to see the crusader or similar class make a much needed debut in D4. A “death knight” is not the flavor I’m looking for.

I like the concept of the Death knight but the ‘‘armored knight theme’’ i feel is bound to the Paladin/Crusader & the zakarum faith, the lore for it is strong in Diablo.

The ‘‘Death theme’’ is strongly associated with Necromancers/ priests of rathma and again the lore is well established in Diablo.

We have already seen concept art that looks near identical to the D2 Paladin so i’m guessing this class is in, the second one would have to be an Archer archetype, possibly the Amazon/DH or something new.

I think the closest thing to a Death Knight in Diablo would be evolving the melee aspect of a D4 Necromancer to offer a more varied playstyle, viable as both casters or melee summoners(with maybe some gear more heavily armored than previously seen in the series)

P.S. I’m not against the class per se, but unless the class roster expands through expansions it would have to come at the expense of an established fan favorite.

If one remembers D3 vanilla history and forum activity back then fans were salty that the ‘‘Monk’’ had the holy spot instead of the Paladin, how did Blizzard respond? Crusader as the expansion class. Likewise the request for the Necro was huge over the years so they added it in the class dlc.

Death knight would have to come at the expense of the necro imho since the ‘‘holy knight theme’’ has many classic skills associated with it that would otherwise be lost, such as ‘‘Blessed hammer’’ ‘‘Zeal’’ ‘‘Fist of heavens’’ auras and so on. Necro & Death knight naturally share stuff thematically so it is the logical choice, however i doubt this would happen.

Just because you don’t like it , doesn’t mean that the majority of people won’t like it… because they will…

And stop being boring … everybody would love Death Knight…

And lore-wise is stronger than Crusader…because they could be Knights that once served King Leoric… (even tho the majority of people don’t give a F… about the class lore…it’s all about class fantasy theme and Death Knight fits in Diablo much better than WoW and some other RPGs that already had class)

But i guess you didn’t know that because you have only played d3 probably…because if you were a trully DIABLO fan you would support this class concept because it just screams DIABLO just like the Necromancer class! (play some Diablo 1 to get a feel of how DIABLO should feel like…)

Crusader is just a wannabe d2 Paladin class…

And again stop being boring , a fresh new class would be cool.

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Or even better, they could simply be the followers of Rathma. Just like Zakarum has it’s priests and holy knight orders, Paladins/Crusaders/Templar, the cult of Rathma could have it’s priests, the Necromancers, and it’s order of unholy(?) knights, the Death Knights. Lore fits perfectly imo.

How do you know this? Are you 100% certain a majority of people would prefer a Death Knight instead of a Paladin? I think not, on the contrary in D2 Paladin was probably the most popular class overall(at least online) and the request for it was huge in D3 vanilla.

‘‘The holy theme Knight’’ is always a very popular theme in rpg settings so a Death knight is not an adequate replacement, heck not even the ''monk ‘’ was.

Like i already explained in my post, if you want Death knight it’s likely to replace the Necromancer, not Paladin/crusader. The reason is except strong lore, skills, Blessed Hammer etc are iconic skills and fan favourites, the replacement would not be a class(death knight) that has no access to these skills with a death theme.

Necromancer on the other hand is the canditate, but in Diablo a Necro makes more sense than Death knight.

You make far too many inaccurate assumptions to be taken seriously. You keep presuming your stance is that of the majority and making demonstrably false claims. Everybody, as has been made evident in this thread, would not love the “death knight”. As far as the no true Scotsman claim, I’ve played Diablo since I was 13, D3 wasn’t released until I was in my early 20s. Even if yesterday was my first day playing, it wouldn’t be relevant. I’m lost for words on your comment that, “lore-wise is stronger than Crusader” …what? A non-existent class is stronger lore-wise than that which has grown and expanded with us since it’s initial release? Have you read any of the books or even any of the in-game lore? We get it, you’re an advocate for there being a “death knight” class. Super. But, if you’re gonna debate someone about it, try to do it intelligently. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters, friend. Especially if this is as best as you can present it.

Question is! Where would a death knight set place in the lore? An angel class yes or a dragon slayer even… best would be a demon that turned rogue and decides to allied with humains🤔

Every Diablo class has to be human.
Beside that, it can be about anything. After all, they made up the Monk and his 1000 gods kingdom… Death Knights could be an order created to clean Sanctuary from the remains of Malthael’s reapers, much like Demon Hunters for demons.

Personally I prefer Necromancer and Assassin to come in next, then Amazon/Demon Hunter (archer style).

If still more classes would be added a Death Knight would be fine I guess (though Blackguard might be a better name allround lorewise), if you DON’T base it on the WoW Death Knight, but make it a corrupted Paladin (and important no summoning, just an unholy Sword/Board melee class with maybe a few unholy spells).

However I fear that if start adding WoW things comes to D4 they will start adding more and more, which means making the game suitable for kids, make the lines between good and evil very clear and turn it into a family friendly game.
Please dont mix those games leave WoW to the Warcraft fans and Diablo to the Diablo fans.

Nothing can’t be based on WoW because other RPG’s before WoW already had these classes way before WoW ever existed…

Monk,Paladin,Druid…all are “WoW” classes…but belong to Diablo as well…and even those classes were way long before WoW…

Monk : (Diablo 1)

Paladin : (Diablo 2)

Druid : (Diablo 2)

All of them before WoW existed… so if we go like that…then WoW was copying Diablo from the beginning based on classes…

Plus they could name the class something else and make it a lil’ bit different than WoW’s… Just like with Druid…Monk…Paladin…Sorceress(which is basically a mage minus the arcane tree…)

You’d like the Demon Hunter to be back, but don’t you know there is a DH in WoW too ? Of course it’s nothing like Diablo’s… same for a hypothetical Death Knight (or Blackguard as someone suggested), though I just actually saw what the OP wanted which is a bad call. ^^

LUL goteeeeeeeeeeeee

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Tell em’ dude, people need to understand that no class is exclusive to WoW…

Dark/Death Knight , would be an awesome addition to the Diablo universe…

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