New Barb needing help

Hi all,

Decided to try a WW Barb for the first time in forever. I’m following the Icyveins WW GR Wastes build to the letter, just missing one weapon in the cube. Most pieces are regular, couple are ancient.

My basic dilemma is that with this type of progress in other classes, I’d be easily plowing through T16, with this one, I can do T13 ok, T14 I die…a lot…a real lot. I’m incredibly squishy.

From what I can tell, it’s probably because IP and WotB are often on cooldown. I tried to up my CDR as much as feasible, only shows around 38%. I’v seen others get their’s close to 100%, no idea how.

Is this lack of CDR most likely the main issue? And, if so, what should I be doing to try to get it so that IP/WotB are up almost all the time?

Thanks for any help!

Rule 1: Don’t use Icy Veins guides for Barbs. They’re pretty bad.

Rule 2: Follow the complete guide stickied in this forum: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

If you have questions, ask in that thread. But please be sure to read it thoroughly first!

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You using the “Rend with Wrath of the Wastes set” guide or the “Whirlwind GR Build with Wrath of the Wastes”? I’m guessing the Whirlwind one since you’re using ignore pain. Use the Rend one, it’s still using mainly whirlwind with a few stomps every 8ish seconds.

If you’re dying a lot, keep an eye on your BoM buff.

As a veteran D3 player, and a complete scrub, nooby Barb… this is the number one cause of my deaths.

I destroy when I keep in this mind, and fail miserably when I forget.

If you have time, I highly recommend Free’s guide he posted above.

It has literally everything there is to know about the build.

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