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Not all heros wear capes


Have you noticed there are some real testy people on the Forums today, I really can’t imagine why! :expressionless:
As always, Spin To Win! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only data point that matters now


It has to be mighty hard for you to analyze accurately and come to the same conclusion as Blizzard did when some of the data points or data are kept secret, as Blizzard stated. You are just wasting your time without all the numbers if you are trying to come to the same conclusion. :nerd_face:
Good luck and stay sane!
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There is some irony in the statement of a reality check being required… :rofl:

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I am trying to stay sane. I’m just perplexed. I looked at the top 200 WD clears (of the total 8,000 leaderboard era GR clears) worldwide currently that would grossly overestimate the “average” scaled player at 5K if this is true (specifically these players represent “the highest level of play” as Nev stated). I agree.

You do not need to scale the data if you have actual player data @ 5K. Even with this current leaderboard where several new records were set since early December, the actual WD average for players (n=30) between 4.5K and 5.5K paragon is GR 128.0 in era 12/non-season.

I have reread Nevalistis’s post too many times. It definitely is an issue to reproduce a method given limited details and lack of knowledge of what data points were considered.

How many people are playing Barb this season/patch vs how many are playing WD?
I’m willing to wager, that more people are playing barb, therefore you’ll have more clears on the barb leader board which pushes out the rankings, this is the range of your data set, surely you know this.
So the comparison between a rank 130 barb and rank 130 WD that you and peewee are making doesn’t stand, at least in the manner you’re both trying to present your presupposition.

Would you go to your team meetings at your workplace, and confidently present sets of analyses that don’t take into account all of the data because you do not have access to it and claim it to be accurate?

If there is a nerff, I believe this would be the best way. This would make Barb’s builds a little more balanced but would keep WW speeds as they are.

My point wasn’t to do a pairwise comparison of ranks.

I agree with class popularity being a factor that will skew the data. That is why looking at GR efficiency can be helpful.

No. I would critique data analysis that does not make sense. In my example, I was able to calculate the likelihood of the event occurring to be 1 in 10^43. The age of the universe is thought to be 14 billion years or 4x 10^17 seconds in comparison.

“I don’t have access to all the data, yet I am still trying to analyse the data, and tell the people who do have access to all the data why they are wrong and I am right!!!”

I originally thought you were trolling us.

But apparently it’s your own ego trolling your own common sense.

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I’ve pointed out how that is not the best way, because it would be a much larger nerf than 4-5 tiers. But there’s no nerf incoming, so there’s nothing really to discuss.

@ Everyone else: Please don’t engage with trolls and Fun Police. They’ve been shut down via official channels, and the more you interact, the more present they are. Ignore what they post wherever they post it, and eventually they will fade.


Well man, why are you beating your head against Blizzard’s wall of secrecy? You know as well as I do if they don’t give you all the numbers you will end up “blowen farts in the wind” no matter what you do.

You should use your talent to help get the 3 lower classes Buffed up. Help get the proper Buffs that they need, I am sure you could be very helpful to them with your “dog and a bone” passion, to get them in the right direction and still keep things to the balance that Blizzard is striving for. Think about it anyway. :slightly_smiling_face:
Keep on a Spinning!

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I know that I am beating my head against a wall of secrecy but some information has been provided. If everything is self-evident, what is the fun in that?

I am trying to think about the various ways on how someone would analyze the data within the context of the information provided and how to fit the results provided.

LoL I am sure you will come up with something. :shushing_face:

I can’t find the ignore option on these new forums. Am I blind or did blizz just forget it?

It no longer exists, but by ignore I simply mean DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM, AT ALL, IN ANY FORUM, PERIOD.

Don’t give them the time of day or the attention or validation they so desperately seek.


If there will be no nerff, ok.
But IF there is, nerff lamentation or WW would affect not only push, but speeds (which represents the majority). That is why, if hard cast is removed, WW would be 141, but our speeds would be fine.

For the 2 people that have cleared 146?

I can see why they would go to all that trouble.

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It is not my statement. I just quoted what was said by DP. Whether or not HardCast represents 5lvl, I don’t know…
What I don’t want is for rend to be ruined for speeds

Yeah, I get that.

But A) there is already no change coming, and B) I can see why they are not going to bother going to that trouble to nerf two people.

If people were clearing 146 in massive numbers, and everyone was speed farming 140, then I could understand the discussion. But that just isn’t happening.

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