Need someone to help me with 1000 storms set dungeon non season

This set dungeon is making me crazy.
I have the speed but I’m too long at killing I think.
My tactic is to rush for the chest then killing. I can reach the chest in decent time but it takes me like 4 ever to kill enemies. I don’t understand…please someone help me figure it out. Thank you.

You don’t have to do the dungeon solo.
Take a friend. You rush to the chest. They kill all the mobs.

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Seems like you’re using IcyVeins guide. That’s good.

But I don’t know why you would take forever to kill enemies? Are you talking about 500 whatever total objective kills, or are you talking about each individual pack killing? In case you have forgotten, you need to use Dashing Strike to empower your damage. With a two hander from Inna, mobs should die quite easily.

I used Flavor of Time for it, but I doubt you really need it. And I suggest Crippling Wave instead. You really don’t need the extra movement from Blazing Fist rune because you can pretty much spam Dashing Strike and movement gained from Pylons/shrines. Crippling Wave’s aoe makes it easier to kill packs. That goes same for Uliana set dungeon btw, if you plan to do that also. IcyVeins tells you to use Blazing Fist, but CW is better as it has wider range.

Rest is execution. Again, IcyVeins will tell you to get the chest first then backtrack, but I suggest doing the first linear portion first, then go for the chest, backtrack to clear the rest. To proc Ingeom, you need to kill the elite that spawned from Pylon if that’s what you’re missing. After killing elite, you can spam Dashing Strike. No, don’t try to replenish Spirit while Ingeom buff is up. If you have high enough Spirit, Dashing Strike will consume Spirit because of your set bonus. If you have less than 75 Spirit (reduced by RCR), Ingeom buff will do the job and you have unlimited charge. If Ingeom buff is down, kill another elite that spawns from Pylon/shrine, and start spamming DS again.

talking about each pack. If I could one shot them it would be easier. but I will try your tips. maybe it was my rotation idk.

nemesis is a Must . u no need to clear all mobs in this dungeon .
But . if u without Nemesis . then u will have not enough time to clear enough Mobs.
with new season is easy . use that 2h axe for killing mobs reduce cd + ingeom . use all increase M.speed set up