Need some advice

After doing some solo pushing with GOD i realized that, due to the Cirri nerf, not only wallers but also illusionists and missile dampeners cause a massive progress drop now, which makes it nearly impossible to spawn a good conduit pylon when at least two of those affixes appear. Dragging them through the map with the hope finding a conduit pylon also seems to be a waste of time. Those three affixes are the common reason why i fail finishing a rift in time.
So my question would be, do i skip and ignore them entirely, even when i have conduit? Or is there any smart way to trake them down? Or should i just spend 3k key stones until i find the perfect rift?

Spending more keys to fish for favorable maps/mobs is the generally accepted tactic. However in the case that u already have a conduit spawned, it usually pays to try and drag all the elites to it no matter how bad their affixes are.

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Illusionists, shielders, dampeners and wallers cause a player to spend too much time for a meagre 3-4% progression. They are the ‘red herrings’ of D3 and should be bypassed. They are like an anchor, a dead weight. They exist only to waste your time.

When faced with these in segregated encounters, I get better progress using Conduit to continue clearing trash. I leave the blocker-type bosses behind. In the amount of time than it takes to deal with the 3% nuisance ‘specials’, I can get 5% and usually more progression on normal mobs.

That said, there are occasions when several rift bosses can be grouped together and the use of Conduit then becomes an efficient and effective tool.

My advice is to try bypassing the ‘stumbling blocks’ and annihilate trash with your Conduit buff. Being selective, much like fishing for the right rifts, is the key.

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