Need Help...Error code cost me my HC Necro

During a GR 90 game play for farming My game lagged then kicked me out with an error code… What can be done to get my character revived??? This is unfair to lose a character due to latency and disconnections…

I need help, I should not lose my character from something that is not my fault.

Read the disclaimer that you agreed to when you created your HC character. It doesn’t matter if it was your fault or not.


Absolutely nothing. That’s why you’re required to click Accept on this warning before being able to create a hardcore hero…

Permanent Death

You have but one life, eager hero. If you should die, though your deeds will be remembered, you shall not return again.

Customer Service will not revive a fallen Hardcore hero for any reason. All of your hero’s items will be lost forever upon death.

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