Need help with how to play Focus + Restraint WW at high GR

I’ve been pretty much spinning to winning up until 123 GR. At this point I found out that my damage wasn’t enough. I checked the leaderboard and the most of the top players have AD on their gear. I know how AD was used in the previous season WW Rend Barb where you wait for the element on the COE ring and spam hard cast rend however I don’t really know how it is used for this Focus + Restraint build. Any help would be appreciated.

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From Free’s excellent post here:

Thank you for the reply but I am not using COE. I checked the leaderboard and the build that I see frequently is Ambos, Zodiac, BoM in cube which is the one I am using right now.

Yea… that would be what he’s talking about using Focus and Restraint. You don’t use CoE at all, because you can’t use it with CoE. You don’t mention what weapons you are using, so I included the table to show you the difference between the set ups.

What Free is saying, is that if you use Ambo’s main hand, you have room in the cube for CoE still, and this is the most powerful version we can have.

From that GR I’ll assume youre using the IP Blades.

As I did tested (for my sanity sakes), you can use two approachs.
First one is running with the charge, using only the Spear to get density, and use it to maintain the buff 100%.
The other one, use the Free guides concept, even without the CoE. Just use the Stomp from time to time and WHEN you get the Elites well packed.

The sencond one IMHO is the best approach, since you must have trash to kill the elites and in the first tatic, probably you will melt down the trash before packing.

ATM, Ive only pushed a 111, but Im still thinking (and switching) the toon I’ll really use to try my limits.

Hope Ive helped.

Thank you for your reply. Yes I have been using the daggers. I just don’t know if I should bother using HC Rend since I am not using COE. I tried experimenting using AD and just spinning to win and to be honest I couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe it’s because of the GR level, I don’t know.

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Probably it is. The HC does rampage your damage in the density so much, Ive Lost the count of the times Ive used It in a great density and the trash melted without doing significant damage to the Elites.
In those case I think its more the feeling of the build than anything else. After a time we get used to know where lacks X and Y.