Need help to complete Cursed Chest on XBox please!

I am so very close to completing season 26 on my XBox One X console! Everything is done except for 1 conquest. I’m playing a WD and am beating my head against the wall trying to complete the Cursed Chest solo. None of the other conquests make sense. I don’t think I can complete this solo with a WD and there is probably not enough time left to rank up something else with gear. If anyone sees this and can help that would be much appreciated!

It seems the little diablo 2 pet is about to squeeze through my almost shut fist. 8^( I can already hear it’s evil little laughter.

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Yeah, this was a bit more challenging of a season for console. I have it on both Switch and XBOX, so even more frustrating. Even with a Multishot Demon Hunter, (pretty easy to get 400+ on PC), I was only getting about 342 solo. On both systems, I leveled up another profile and geared up a Multishot Demon Hunter (couch co-op). Then I used rubber bands around the controller so that it would fire the necessary skills. Was finally able to kill the 350+. Drop your gamer tag in a reply. I would offer to help, but don’t think I can today. I can surely help you before Season end though, so don’t fret.

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That would be awesome Jacuff! Much appreciated.

I’ll be out of town for some of next weekend but am available this week and next during the evenings. I’m in Arizona so MST. My Microsoft gamer ID is MythicBrew. Let me know when you have some time.



Hey, sorry I’m late on helping but I can help next time if it’s on Xbox one. Gamer tag is kasaikaos6690 feel free to add me.