Necro simulacrum - Pet or no Pet

Seemd to notice the following:

Simulacrums did not proc Dregs of lies, so they are not considered Pets

Sumulacrums did not proc Essence of Anguish Death blow, so they are considered Pets

So, is it normal that they don’t proc both?

Sounds like a bug to me. Seems they are undefined.

Maybe like Witch Doctor they’re “Creatures”

Poor creatures got butchered because ONLY spiders got focus.

Again too poor Mass Hallucination ghost dude… WTF is he? lol.

I think it is normal for the game to be nonspecific when it concerns what a pet is, as only very few abilities/items actually tell you like “your creature skills are…” allowing them to flux as needed depending on how powerful the game developers want you to be when using them. By default, I assume almost nothing is a pet.

In fact, I didn’t even consider sentries to be one until it was pointed out they are.