Necro Ethereal Bloodtide Blade power bugged?

The Ethereal version gives you up to 100% per enemy within 25 yards but the Bloodtide Blade in the PTR still has the up to 400%.

Not sure if this is a preview of an upcoming nerf to Bloodtide Blade or just a bug.

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I’m getting the same issue

Maybe it’s intetional. Beacuse of the higher base wapon dmg and more +dmg stats on eth.-s.

Unless Blizzard explicitly states it’s intended, I’d consider this a bug. It simply doesn’t make any sense at all that some legendary powers on ethereals would be intentionally weaker/legacy versions while most powers are not, even with the extra affixes and other things on the ethereals taken into consideration.

All right, it was just a tought. We’ll see when/if we get an update.

Currently some items roll legacy legendary affixes on ethereals (SotC,Standoff,Bloodtide…)