Necro Bone Rathma

Great build. A bit of a glass cannon.

-There are moments when my minions are standing still , the damage reduction does not Proc and I immediately die. This happens at T16 or higher GR levels when every hit is a one shot kill.
-Aside from the skeleton and golem the revive minions are not really that useful except for keeping the number of minions up to 18 to proc full dmg.
-I think the damage is good and the additional cooldown from the seasonal shards makes the build feasible but I’m afraid when the season ends it won’t be the case since all your dmg is hanging on 120 seconds.


  • Could the dmg reduction be a base reduction with the minions acting as a timer of some sort? This way it won’t be dependent on the minions hitting something.
  • You could lower the overall dmg but then also lower the cooldown so you can end up using army of the dead multiple times. Also a timer similar to land of dead would be nice.

Side note: I tried using a bone spirit with a bone armor build and it had potential with the shards. Could be a nice future necro build since I don’t really know what theme bone armor is using.