Necro 27 army of the dead bug

there is a helm and new thing I am playing in the PTR ATM and the new buff for 27 and helm are both budged and do not cast the rite run they cast some BS that is not in the game the helm Fates Vow does not cast the run it claims it cast forcing me to add that run to my skill bar UN warfare run when added to my skill bar it sends a army of dead across the ground Blizzard needs to change the run to something else other then a junk item that does not do what it claims to do

This is the PTR Bug report Forum ?!

First. Try to word your problem so it makes sense, and not like a chimp who just started to learn english.

Second it’s not a bug. The helm gives you Unconvetional Warfare RUNE and buff to AotD. What you equiped on your bar for example AotD Death Valley will reamain casted(show it’s animation) and the helm will give it UN dmg and the buff. If you do not give AotD any RUNE, then it will cast UN via Fate’s Vow.