[NA]SEASON 18 Americas Clan looking for members <NoBody> The Left Overs


We are a casual clan looking for new members for Season 18. We have a few META pushing groups. Looking for casual members, META players & players that are just looking for groups to play with. We do encourage players have a META character but it is not required. We have a discord server and all clan members are welcome to use it. We do not allow botting. Please join us for season and off season play.

Come join us for Season 18. We will be organizing leveling groups in discord. 1 is lonely, 2 is cute, but 3 is a party for this Season of the Triune.

Look up:
<NoBody> The Left Overs
Clan Leader: Silkdog#1108
Americas Server


Hey is that search through PS4? If not can you pass your discord info… Thanks