Mystic ally Earth form is still broken

This unfortunately only happens once you’ve built your character and hit higher level rifts.
When activating my earth ally they just roll off screen. They seem so easily go out of bounds but then have collision when coming back in.

This means the build is just too broken to play on higher rifts.

Please fix it so the Mystic ally earth form stays closer to player.

Build will be dead in 9 days.

Thank you for your reaction Melon!
I’ve not followed the news on the new season. I`m a casual player (who was annoyed my build just didn’t do what it needs to do).
Could you explain? Is it because the season is over? Or a rework?

The rock variant does not work very well, for the reasons you described as well as others, but it was the strongest rift guardian killer so that is why it was used. However it is getting a big nerf soon, so it will no longer be used as a RGK.

As for your current build, the gear is almost identical for water or fire monk, I would try one of those. All you have to do is change the element on your bracers and amulet, and the rune on mystic ally.

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I would say s26 EA mechanic was put in place on purpose to limit its solo performance. s25 Earth is much more pleasant to play with.

Blizzard vision on EA is RGK, not solo ranking push. Just forget Earth and play Water/Fire instead.

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I feel like earth ally was overpowered. Until it broke. But honestly that’s what I liked about it. I just like the calm of running rifts while switching my mind off.
Fire ally doesn’t do that same thing for me. I`ll take your tips into account and see what comes out. Maybe choose another character if earth ally doesn’t work at all next season. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.