Mystic Allies and Followers

I’m unsure if it was Intentional but Mystic Allies have hit boxes which makes my character attempt to run around it, and if I’m in a room with 1 door I’m stuck in the room until i use Dashing Strike it happens with Followers too.

I was talking to someone about it and they were having the same issue with the Ancients for Barbarian as well.

I just starting using Innas with Crudest Boots. I have to test further but I’m wondering if I’m having a similar issue where when I active Water Ally, I start spazing out and can’t walk straight. It feels like this only occurs for me when I activate the Water Ally ability. I haven’t tried it for other allies but it’s pretty annoying and makes the build almost unplayable.

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I spaze out when its not active but the whole point of the build is burst dmg when its activated so I am starting to think its unplayable too, just never run up against a wall or activate fire allies when there are abunch of them or you will be completely unable to move until it wears off, It makes the Dash 50x more useful until they decide to fix it. If they ever do.

i might try fire allies later today to see if i can reproduce this issue. water allies without them being active seem fine. i might also try an LoD WoL build using Crudest Boots to have double allies and see if the funky movement happens there too.