My stash space redesign + some other suggestions

1 - My stash space redesign. Click the little download button at the top right of the Google Drive link. After unzipping you may need to click sort by name to start with image 1.

Imgur album alternative -

Photoshop .PSD file -

Edit: Or keep ‘Filter Items’ where it is and just put five chests to the left of it, rather than nine chests which might look a bit silly. So five chests per Greater Stash.

2 - Capped leaderboards. When you click on the obelisk to select a greater rift level, there’s a tick box underneath, which when enabled will cap the players’ available paragon points to 1000. If the players haven’t previously capped their points to 1000, the game will deduct points out of their main stat in the core paragon tab, then out of vitality, until only 1000 points have been spent. The cap is 1000 paragon points, any gems higher than lvl 100 function at lvl 100, and any caldessan’s augments higher than lvl 100 also only function at lvl 100.

A capped leaderboard would allow people who don’t have time to farm for hundreds of hours per season, a better chance to get on a leaderboard.

Edit: I mean a capped leaderboard in addition to the current uncapped leaderboard; not to replace it.

3 - Greater Rift game finder. Makes finding the type of team and GR lvl you want easier. A host would have two options when opening a Greater Rift game to the public; A) Open to Public (the current system), or B) Open custom public GR game. With the latter, the host can specify GR range (or exact GR lvl), target completion time range, paragon requirement range, paragon cap enabled?, host’s comments, ping maybe? Also an ‘open to public matchmaking’ option, so your game is also open to anyone who clicks the generic find Greater Rift button, or only open to people who select your game in the custom game finder. The host can amend the game details as needed; say a zbarb joins so now the host can change the comments from +2 zbarb zdh, to +1 zdh. There could be a keyword search box for people looking to join a custom game; say you are a zdh looking for a game - you type in zdh and it shows you the games available with zdh currently in the comments.

This would help address the problem with people constantly joining and leaving public games because it’s the not the team or GR lvl they want. People don’t want to mess around doing that; after a day in the office they want to log in and play. I know communities serve this purpose, but I see many people in public lobbies who don’t appear to use the communities. If the GR game finder was an obvious and clear menu, I suspect people would use it.

4 - More character slots. You would start off with the current amount of slots, but you can unlock more slots by completing GR 150 solo with a class in a game mode. With the altar set to become a permanent fixture in D3, GR 150 clears are quite achievable.

Four game modes in non-season: Multiplayer, Hardcore multiplayer, (SSF and SSF Hardcore soon)
Four game modes in season: Multiplayer, Hardcore multiplayer, SSF, SSF Hardcore

Suggestion: Have two character lists in the character selection screen; a non-season list and a season list.

4 game modes x 7 classes = 28 character slots maximum per character list. So you can unlock a maximum of 28 character slots on the season character select list, and 28 on the non-season list. That would allow space for one character from each class for every game mode, if you unlock the slots.

5 - More armory slots unlocked by completing Greater Rift levels solo. You would start off with the current amount of slots - currently 2 helmets x 5 tabs per helmet. A GR 50 solo clear would unlock a third helmet. GR 100 clear = fourth helmet. GR 150 clear = the maximum of five helmets. This would work well with the above character slots and stash space redesigns; you would only need to create one character from a class, as you would have more armory slots available for more setups. There would be no need to make a demon hunter with support setups, and another demon hunter with different damage setups. Just have more armory slots.

6 - The armory silently saves your paragon points setup. Silently done; not visible in the armory details, to keep things simple and clutter-free.

7 - If we had a character slot available for each class in each game mode as proposed in #4, and you indeed had one of every class in a game mode, you would need to fix the follower skill deselect bug. Then you would have followers that you could tailor to your needs, not requiring a second character creation from the same class, or even a character remake.

8 - Visions of Enmity. I understand that in season 29 the visions work in tandem with the 800 paragon points cap, so that casual players can gear up quickly and have some sort of chance of competing with the paragon blasters on the leaderboards, but the visions speed up a very enjoyable part of the game that we only play once; the start of the season. If anything we need to look for ways to lengthen the 1-70 experience, not shorten in my opinion. Perhaps vision portals could only be opened by lvl 70 characters. I’m just shooting ideas; maybe you have better thoughts on the subject.

9 - Challenge Rift cache reward issue. I completed the Challenge Rift in softcore and shortly afterwards in hardcore, but was not given the cache in hardcore. This is a problem for the altar, which asks for a cache. HC is completely separate from SC - I don’t see why a cache shouldn’t be awarded in each of the four separate game modes. I shouldn’t have to wait for the next challenge rift in one game mode just because I completed the current challenge rift in another game mode.

10 - Echoing Nightmare leaderboards. Perhaps have the EN leaderboards hide the classes and setups used by the players - a ‘silent’ leaderboard. You will have to work out the optimal setup for yourself. A silent leaderboard could add a little fun to the equation.

11 - Cube recipe #12 - reroll primal. Costs 2500 primordial ashes (= 45 salvaged primals) but there is no limit to the number of rerolled primals you can equip, unlike recipe #11. Primals crafted with recipe #11 cannot be rerolled with recipe #12; you have to find the primal version of the item you want to reroll. Maybe a figure higher or lower than 2500, I don’t know.

Edit: Adding suggestions 12 - 16:

12 - A couple of tweeks to the altar, which I believe is becoming a permanent fixture.

12a - Monster death immunity node added. You are immune to explosions from monsters’ deaths - grotesques etc. Squirts stacks unaffected too. The explosion becomes just cosmetic.

12b - To free up a node for the above, merge 15% and 20% elite damage into one 35% elite damage node.

12c - The no level requirement for items node moved - I think it is more fun for players to play their first 1-70 at a normal pace. We spend 99.9999% of our time in the season doing all the usual stuff, but the 1-70 experience is unique and you get to try all sorts of items and skills that you wouldn’t normally use at lvl 70. You can still blast through subsequent 1-70s with the node unlocked later. You could correctly say that the challenge rift cache also speeds up the 1-70, but the altar requires a challenge rift cache, so players would have to choose between opening the cache or saving it for the altar.

12d - Auto orb pickup node - often I’ve been moving so fast that I’m outside of the 60-yard pickup radius before the orbs can be collected, and I have to run back for them. The pickup needs to actually auto-pickup, or the 60-yard figure needs to be increased.

12e - The ability to turn off unlocked altar nodes. Examples - progress globe pickup which can be disadvantageous in some GR situations; auto salvage when you’re playing 1-70 and actually want to pick up yellows and blues to use - but you don’t want to dismiss your pet because the money pickup is useful. Or if I just want to play vanilla 1-70 without any altar effects.

12f - Some nodes moved around to accommodate the above. Here’s a possible layout - Here’s the original layout -

13 - The new 200 points in a paragon stat system is great. I much prefer it over the previous system. I imagine it’s a change not just for S29, but if it was, I think it would be a great permanent change.

14 - Why are crafted items not allowed to be used with cube recipe #11?

15 - Speed pylon - monsters don’t drop progress globes until they complete their knocked up in air animation. It can often be difficult to avoid running into monsters, and in speed GR90s when you take a lot of speed pylons, it happens quite a lot. It doesn’t feel good to have to wait around for the knocked up in air animation to complete before your progress globes are available.

16 - More of a discussion point - perhaps it’s a bad idea - a fourth ‘utility’ cube slot. The fourth slot would have every item available from the first three slots, minus the items that give damage multipliers - 1.5x 2x 3x 4x damage multipliers are gone. No reilena’s shadowhook, no COE, no squirts, no krysbins, no furnace etc. Perhaps also no one-second cooldown reduction items like zodiac and messerschmidts, if they would break GRs. (Would in-geom break a GR? It would be nice to be able to use it in T16). Keep everything else. A lot of players really liked the fourth cube slot, but another damage multiplier item in it would break the game; we already have a lot of damage boost from the altar. Along the lines of Wudi’s suggestion from 5:05 in this video -

Edit - 13th December 2023 - adding PTR 2.7.7 thoughts 17 - 22

17 - When you are at the altar, right-clicking the challenge rift cache should be disabled. Right-clicking items to put them into the thing you are looking at is a very common and normal part of Diablo 3. There are some people who right click the cache, thinking it will be moved into the altar, but are instead left with the cache contents on the floor, along with their smile.

18 - Vision of Enmity portals should have arrows of the same colour (blue) pointing towards them on the map. Yellow arrows conflict with yellow bounty arrows.

19 - It would be nice for embers to have a unique icon on the map like the soul shards do. Constantly scouring the screen reading for the word ‘Consumable’ isn’t fun and tires the eyes.

20 - ‘Warning’ message when you unlock double primals at the altar. Warning? Be careful, a second primal may drop on your head? Is a ‘warning’ message something you get as a reward for something?

21 - Vision of Enmity portals’ method of appearing doesn’t feel right - run around and hope one appears. Would it be more fun if the portals were a reward for something? Like a killstreak? 500 killstreak in a party or 250 solo? You could also make killstreaks work between party members. A killstreak reward would also tie in nicely with the killstreak node on the altar.

22 - Double primals at the altar would work well with my suggestion #11. Primordial ashes quickly pile up but we can only spend them on converting an ancient into a primal, which quickly becomes tired after we already have most the converted primals we need. As a result, newly-found primals quickly begin to lose their excitement. Having the ability to spend primordial ashes on rerolling a primal would bring the excitement back to newly-found primals and would be fun.

Edit - 14th January 2024 - 2.7.7 live - adding #23

23 - Vision of Enmity - when you click the chest on the final level, a portal should open next to it that takes you back to where you entered the vision. It’s a bit annoying to have to retrace ones footsteps to get back to the point where the vision of enmity portal appeared.

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Feel free to do it as slowly as you like. Nobody is forcing you to speed through the process. I have heard (or read on the forum more precisely) that some people start every season by playing through the whole campaign. You could do the same and have fun.

Besides, you can speed through the 1-70 even without the visions.

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For sure, visions are quite the “insignificant” boost to leveling compared to other themes we’ve had. As for example the Altar that gave both bonus to massacres and no level req on items.

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Someone is 11 years too late to the party. D3 will be going into maintenance mode in a few months.


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I’ve added an edit to #1 and added suggestions #12 - 16 to the original post.

+1 for more stash space


… now, in a couple weeks.

Added #23 to the original post.

Anyone want my stash? I got 7 tabs I’m not using.