My hype for D2 is unreal, but Diablo immortal doesn’t look bad

I’ve trashed it for years now but the progress they are making with it is serious.

Not gonna back down from my hate 200 percent but it does look promising


You’ve acquired a phone?


Meh, I’d rather play Diablo 3 with a mouse on my PC. My pudgy thumbs would cover half the screen playing D:I…

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I’ve been playing Eve Echoes, which is also by Net Ease. They made an impressive job of adapting a massive complex sandbox pc mmorpg to mobile devices. Although recently they made one design decision that may very well kill the game. But still, they’re very competent as a dev.

That’s why Bluestacks exists

Yeah, there is that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Blizzard monitors and blocks it though.

Very unlikely. It’s a Netease game, and netease makes their own android emulator called Mumu.

the graphics looks good for mobile…but the content looks really good. combat, items, new paragon system, im stoked for it to play while im not home… like at work when i have nothing to do lol.

Regarding Diablo: Immortal, our Lead Game Designer, Wyatt Cheng, has a great saying:

"Playing is believing."

I hope players in our fantastic community give this free game a chance; I’m confident they’ll find the familiar Diablo gameplay experience they’re fond of. Thank you for tuning in today, we’re stoked you’re stoked.


Diablo Immortal definetly has some really interesting content… But its on a phone… When I see Immortal updates/news im just like “damn they should’ve added this into D3 instead”. I prefer playing on a PC, I dont really see myself playing Diablo on a phone, I’ll probably just watch youtubers/streamers play it and thats it.

Playing is believing and Nokia is connecting people. :rofl:

The unthinkable twist is Diablo Immortal might become Diablo of the year. It looks better than Diablo 2 and has a better story than Diablo 4.

I’ll give it a try.
But atm I am not very enthausiastic about it. Primarily because of mtx.

I don’t mind one time paying for a game or subsequent content (for example expansions).

I do NOT like to be held back in progress because I don’t want to buy xp boosters, items, things to increase chances of beyter items etc.

Whatever will be for sale in microtransactions, means that those things will be extra rare / held back in normal game play. Or not even available to obtain through normal game play.

And no, a game does not have to be free. I’d rather buy it if that means no microtransactions…

Yes, the presence of microtransactions, definitely can ruin a game.

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