My Feedback - DH, Necro and Season Theme

My feedback from my experience in the 2.6.9 PTR.
I made the maths considering how many GR Tiers the changes would impact.

Demon Hunter

  • The Hungering Arrow is doing fine, but the Bolas could get more damage. Making the Leonine Bow of Hashir bonus damage from 100-150 to 200-250 OR the Emimei’s Duffel bonus damage from 150-175 to 250-300 would make their damage about 3 tiers higher;

Gears of Dreadlands:

  • A timer for the 5 second of damage reduction after strafing on the 4 piece bonus, just like we have on the 4 piece bonus of Wrath of the Wastes set;


  • Make the Maltorius Petrified Spike damage bonus multiplicative instead of additive, making the real damage a bit higher and also making the additive bonuses more interesting. This should give about 30% higher damage, taking the Bone Spear builds 2 or 3 tiers higher;

Masquerade of the Burning Carnival

  • A “you deal double damage when simulacrum is active” on the 4 piece bonus would make the build do 5 tiers higher rifts. With the multiplicative bonus of Maltorius Petrified Spike, this should take the new set build 7 or 8 tiers higher;

  • Consider making a 7th piece of the set as a phylactery. This shoul enable new builds, as the necromancer also is the only class which doesn’t have a 7 piece set. This should be considered for future patches, after a more consistent feedback of the 2.6.9 final patch results


Those changes would result in about a 2 GR increase. However, Bolas are around 10 GRs behind at the moment after various tests and builds! Bolas right now are only viable for zDH support builds in a group without a Barb.

I do agree that Bolas need to be buffed, just they need to be buffed HARD to make them usable for the next season.

Yes, this would be nice.

Do you mean to show this, because at the moment the effect is already there

And maybe enable Group play for this build. Even with the 2 modifiers you suggest this will do way way way lower damage compared to any other damage dealer class in the game, it would need about 400-500% dmg increase to get on the same single target dps as the HA DH or the Frenzy barb (With this I take the fact that you’d do more single target dmg as Necro because of CoE), I really do not see this build be really good at anything else, since it does not scale that much with density. And the projectile option that does scale will not hit enough targets and scales a very low amount.

Maybe if they focus the damage bonus on only 1 item, we could use something else in the build.
Or even if we get a buff in skill base damage along with the other damage buffs it could be viable.
I calculated for 60% increased damage but it realy is far from hungering arrow. Still 10 tiers is a lot, almost 5 times the original value, right? 60% indeed is too low