My chat is not working... and it's ruining the game for me

This is for D3

When i type in chat this is what comes up:

  • General… problem sending chat message to 1. General #26627. (Code 3)
  • Clan… problem sending chat message to your clan. (Code 3)
  • Whispering… That player is offline.
  • When being whispered… player is offline

What I have tried:

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the battle net
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling D3
  • I logged my account on to a different computer and I still am unable to use all of chat.
  • I logged into a friend’s account onto my computer and it works fine

I looked into being banned but there a few things with that

  • I have not email for blizzard tell me which it looks like they send one if so
  • I NEVER say anything rude or anything like that.
  • I play with my small clan or solo mostly
  • I don’t chat in general.

I love playing this game. I made it through season 24 without it working hoping it would fix it’s self but that hasn’t worked. I really would like to get this fix before season 25 starts. I like my clan and chatting makes it more fun for me.

Thanks for helping… I am not techy at all

Did you get silenced?

If not, you are more likely to not be alone in it as the code 3 is generally a server-side issue but when that occurs, the expectation is to see many more posts… so, it may be an account issue.

In that case, you may be better served to contact Blizzard support.

Hey Trashbarn,

Since this sounds like an account specific issue, I recommend checking your Privacy settings to make sure your have all communication enabled in there. More than likely there’s a setting that is turned off which is preventing you from chatting in-game.

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You are my HERO!
It’s working.

Thank you so much!