My character keeps on getting sudden death

Hello, I have started playing Diablo 3 again on my PC.
My character is Crusader Level 24 and I have set the difficulty to Normal.
When I started playing, there were no problem in dealing with the enemies, until my character kept on dying suddenly. I thought it was a the iron maiden buff but when I had my character not do anything my character still keeps on getting one-hit killed. I tried exiting and entering the game, changed the difficulty and it is still the same. This is weird as I have not experience this problem before. On top of that, when I clicked “Revive at town” my character was revived on the spot where I died instead. Can someone help me as this is my first time having this issue. Thank you.

I can’t find your profile. Are you using the same account (email address) that you play D3. If not, please re-login with that account. Otherwise, no one knows what you are doing wrong.

Iron Maiden is a lvl 50 Passive. you could not be using that passive on a lvl 24 Crusader if this is your first seasonal character.


Your profile is now visible… but I cannot find the level 24 Crusader; there is a level 15 Crusader here :

Is this the one you are referring to ?

The strength is low and the weapon used does not have any strength on it. Still, you’re only playing at Normal difficulty. Your life is low but that’s expected for a level 15 hero.

If you have some crafting materials, you could try crafting a new level 15 rare two-handed sword (5 Reusable Parts + 5 Arcane Dust + 1000 gold)… almost anything would be better than the weapon you are currently wielding, especially if it has strength on it.

There is a Beginner’s guide in the Crusader forum here:

It has much information and links to videos… spending time learning about how to gear up your hero might be useful – self learning is fine but, if you’re getting one-shot at level 15 of normal difficulty, you’re doing something wrong. Learning about desirable stats on equipment would probably be a good step – your +16 intelligence pants and the level 0 boots are not doing much for you.

If you still have questions on how to start up a Crusader once you have gone through the guide, I’m sure someone could help you in the Crusader forum.

Best of luck in your games !