My account banned or something.. need explanation

Ok someone talking about how china was conquered …jesuits something. I went on tangent its globalist who did all that… May be i went too much.

Anyways it did not take bliz to stop me playing. May be 10 min.

I was curious that why people bother about what people talk. we are here playing. May be people talk…here and there nonsense.

Anyways its ok muting my message but i should be allowed to play the game.

People have free speech for atleast few minutes. hahaah

Anyways fix my account. If you ban , you guys are stealing my money.

Not playing diablo is not gona kill me. Its more of my mind relaxing.

Anyways…we see what happen next.

Your account was probably silenced… if it’s the first time, probably only for a short period of time (24 hrs).

Some possible outcomes :

  • Your post gets locked and/or moved to Bug Report forum, where it should have been posted initially…

  • You stumble on one of the many posts on this topic… such as this one:

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Moral of the story: avoid public chat.

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Moral of the story is blizzard is just another money hungry trash company…glad I stopped buying their crap after d3 exp…

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Every time I see your username I’m reminded of that guilty dog.


Not in private spaces they don’t. If you play Blizzard’s games you have to abide by the rules and polices Blizzard sets. Free speech in the US means a person can talk critically about the Government or Leaders without fear of being arrested - like autocrats/kings/dictators would do if you said something the leader did not like or was negative about them.

In private spaces like a video game owned by a company, their rules apply. You can say what you want of course, and not be arrested, but they are free to remove you from their private space.

As Boubou said, Silenced accounts are currently impacted by a bug that prevents them from making a game in D3. That will lift after your Silence is over.

If you feel your Silence was in error you can appeal here

As far as we are aware Emperor, this is a bug.

Closing the thread since it doesn’t belong in Tech Support.

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