Mundunugus question?

Is mana regen or sprit barrage a greater damage multiplier?

set says 20000% spirit barrage dmg + 5 times mana regen as %spirit barrage dmg but i still see people with +spirit barrage damage instead of mana regen…

why is that?

Id like to hear some feedback as well on this topic.

damage from mana regen is additive on top of the 20000%. This is also why BBV slam dance adds more damage than rain dance.
SB damage rolls on gears are multiplicative on another layer.

Mana regen is a minuscule additive bonus, you don’t want it anywhere.

Mana Regen is a decent bonus, but on helm you’ll want int, crit, spirit barrage, socket.
This is because rush of essence passive gives a lot of Mana Regen already. I still run Mana Regen on my mojo though. Can’t think of a better stat in that spot.

Mana regen affixes on gear are fairly minor boost. However if for example a mojo rolls with mana regen and wrong skill, you’ll rather enchant the wrong skill to Spirit Barrage rather than mana regen to something else.

Rush of Essence is the biggest boost to damage, the more you channel before release, the more powerful detonation. Also Rain Dance rune on BBV will give massive boost to mana regen, giving even more damage.

Mana regen on gear is OKish, assuming there’s no better affix to replace it. It all depends on how the entire item rolls. Each mana regen affix is however merely 60-70% additive bonus on top of the 20k% bonus of the set, so that in mind.

Not really worth it mate. Say you have no other source of mana regen but only rain dance’s 250/s, which will increase your Mundu multiplier from x201 to x213.5 math being:
100% + 20000% + 5x250%

Slam dance on the other hand is straight out it’s own 15% more damage i.e. x1.15 multiplyer. This together with Mundu will give you a total multiplier of x231.15 math being:
(100% + 20000%) x 1.15

But there will definitely be other source of mana regen meaning the above x213.5 multiplier is in fact the best results “from rain dance” you will never achieve.

Rush of essence may not be desirable either. Your other options could be confidence ritual’s x1.25 multiplier or pierce the veil’s x1.2 multiplier. Respectively working with Mundu’s x201 (again assuming no other source of mana regen), overall you will get x251.25 and x241.2 multipliers. To achieve even just the lower of the two the x241.2 multiplier, rush of essence needs to be giving you 804m/s! Math being:
100% + 20000% + 5x804%

Rush of essence allow each cast giving you 10m/s for 10sec’s, you need to be able to cast 80.4 times in 10 sec’s to reach 804m/s at the end of that 10 sec’s. That’s 8.04 APS while the game caps APS at 5!

Then again, in reality you will always have sooooome other source of mana regen and rush of essense will be even worse off.

The only time you could possibly want rush of essence “for damage” is you want all four of your passives to add damage (apart from gruesome feast, pierce the veil and confidence ritual), in which case you are almost definitely doing groupplay meaning you are likely already getting much mana regen from your team mates and the damage increase from rush of essence is further diminished for a hugely effortful 10-sec continuous casting period.