Moving my data onto my PS5

Hello, im looking to move my D3 data from ps4 to my new ps5, but i can not find an export data option in the main menu as stated by blizzard. Does anyone know how this is done these days? :pray:

Hi, on your PS5 you’re actually playing the PS4 version. That means you can either transfer your save data via USB or PS+.

You can transfer your game data WITHOUT an USB or PS+.

It is extremely easy and how I did it, just follow the steps here , both systems need to be on and on the same network I did this with wifi:

In all honesty…when i got the Digital Version having gone from Disc because i was having issues, I gave it some thought and didn’t move any data…I started completely fresh and frankly it was a awesome experience. besides, with Seasons it was no real reason to keep anything unless it was super special…