MotE and WotW with damage and armor

I’d like to still play the barb. I like the strength character. MotE, the damage needs to be increased to 60,000% like the demon hunter Embodiment of the Marauder does. And WotW damage to 60,000%. And MotE the barb needs damage reduction of like 150% armor to survive at least GR 98. And WotW needs damage reduction also of like 100% more. This will cause Diablo 3 to be more fun then.


Those sets are out tankiest sets!


Your doing something wrong if your asking for more defense just to survive GR 98.
To start you can change those rubies in your slam barb to diamonds. That will give
you a good chuck on defense. Barbs should never wear rubies. There are always better places to sacrifice if you need more damage.

A decently geared barbie should be able to survive to at least GR100 without needing anything much. If you don’t have Band of Might, you should consider using it. I am not a big fan of the Paired Blades version, and prefer the Bul-Kathos set, but the other big thing is… don’t use Captain Crimson unless you have like 5k paragon. Keep Wrath of the Berserker up as often as you can which, with a Ring of the Obsidian Zodiac, should be almost always – and, lastly, just because, don’t use Skull Grasp; that ring is worthless unless you found it very early and didn’t have something else.