More optimisations and lower graphic options please

I already bought the game but unfortunately there are no graphic cards on the market to upgrade my PC according to the game recomended system requirements (GTX 1060 / GTX 1650 super / RX 5500 XT). My R9 270 OC run it about 30-50 fps on 1080p low settings (my CPU is FX 6300 / i3-4150).

As I saw, the game does not have options to reduce shader level (like in StarCraft 2) and to disable real-time lightning (like in StarCraft: Remastered). Put such options in the final game when it is launched in order to optimize it for more PCs until there are graphic cards on the market, please!


i can confirm that from lowest to highest settings fps difference is just ~10 fps which is ridiculous


Just wait, crypto currency is taking huge blow with countries which are making mining illegal. So situation with cards will hopefully be better soon.

Yeah, like I’ve seen in other posts, we should get a “lite” mode install for D2:R, for those who don’t have the money or hardware to play with the more demanding graphical features of the game.

Or at the very least do well enough optimization on the main game so less people require a “lite” version of the game.


Interesting, also something to consider is that we’re facing a global chip shortage that may probably last until 2023. So getting hardware parts at affordable prices is going to be tougher for a while until that’s fixed as well.

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do u think this game can run at 1080p 60fps on PS4 ?

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I rather play with the old graphics, which I think are better in terms of inventory and items. But sadly they not allowing for higher resolution giving the updated graphics version a huge advantage.

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ofc not
at least not with this graphic settings and effects

Guys, If you really can’t play the game and there is no option to upgrade, you can buy a Nintendo switch for pretty cheap and play it even on the go, just an option if you are thinking you wont be able to upgrade for a while

other then that, if you don’t have a real potato as a PC you will probably be able to run it somehow


playing this game without a mouse and keyboard is awful.


Remember people it was a technical alpha without the optimization we would expect when the game releases.

OP if you live in the US try to look around for good deals on prebuilt systems, often they can be had for around $1200-1500 and come configuired with decent hardware. Of course times are brutal in regards to pricing, but for about 1400 you could get a Lenovo Legion system with 16gb ddr4, gtx 1660 Super, Ryzen 7 3700x and a tb SSD/HDD combo which would blow your current system out of the water in 1080p.

It’s so sad, it used to be that for that price you could get a build with the best GPU in it


Yeah certainly, with 1400$ I built my current system years ago, and I was able to purchase the entire computer (the parts rather, since I hand built it after), plus accessories/peripherals.


Yeah just play Diablo II Classic then, Or do what I did and buy a laptop that looks good to you until they do make new and better cards available, My laptop PC configuration is more than adequate to play the game, So take a page from my book or wait, Lenovo Legion 5 Gaming Laptop, 15.6" FHD (1920x1080) IPS Screen, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Processor, 16GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti, Windows 10

More optimisations and lower graphic options, please

It will happen. Wait for the beta and then the official release. So far there was just an alpha. During the D3 beta, the fans were roaring, even though my graphic card at the time was high end and brand new… can’t imagine what was like for those with older hardware.

ATM I am still playing with R9 380, but I’ll try to get myself an upgrade prior to release.

In fact better graphics and optimizations is what everyone claims they wanted in the game (not QOL MODs) and now your saying back off of that because your PC isn’t up to that?

Both are still guilty not enough stuff or bitcoin. Since China and Musk said bitcoins are bad, it would be finally a little better to get GPU for gamers. I’m happy my 1080ti can still hold PS5/X tiers games.

You’re asking for too much.
A gtx 660 is maybe a decade old. Maybe even a integrated intel chip is as fast.

Don’t quite understand what you meant by that. But I’ll try the best I can to interpret what you mean here.

I’m not disagreeing with Zax, it will help a bit, but while this global chip shortage is still here, affordability is still going to be an issue until that problem is mostly resolved.

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I just said they are both good reasons or be " guilty " but we agree together, it’s the same. I’m sorry if you don’t understand english is not my first language.

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