More information is needed to make proper suggestions

Forgive me if I am overstepping, but I feel like many of these suggestions in General Discussion are operating under old information and assumptions. That means there can’t be any constructive suggestions.

Let’s consider the idea of a shared stash:

What I know about Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2000)

A “mule” is a character one creates to hold items, they’re usually level 1 normal chars, but they can be any level and have completed any difficulty.

In the past, I used to need to wait a minimum of 5minutes for the game to become “perm” before I could drop my items and transfer my gear to a “mule” without the game dropping.

In the last few years, it’s been changed so that there is no wait time to “perm” a game before you can start transferring your items to a “mule”

I have no idea if a shared stash is even needed without proper information. is it possible to have multiple in-game D2:R accounts bound to my account and just create extra mules as needed? Or will it be a shared stash system on Diablo 3 where I ultimately have limited stash space.

It’s not unheard of in Diablo II for a player to have 30 accounts full of gear that they found or traded for — that’s 240 chars stuffed. And that’s if I don’t consider future non-ladder mules which accumulate after like 25 ladder seasons.

Let’s consider personal loot:

What I know about Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (2000)

When an item drops in a public game, any player in the game or who joins can grab the item.

An game with 8 players in it typically better loot than a game with a single player or two players.

If I want personal loot, I can create a private game. Or I have the option go find loot in a full game by myself, say a ChaosBaal run, and kill Andariel, Mephisto, and clear the Pit by myself without joining their party. Or I can play with friends.

I don’t need personal loot because as far I know, I can trade items I don’t need for items I do need. Furthermore, personal loot would cripple the in-game economy and the value of items unless you drastically reduced the drop rate of everything.

As a Diablo II veteran whose played for over 100,000 hours, by level 90 or so, I’m decently geared up and I can kill everything by myself whether it’s a full game or not.

Another issue with personal loot is the shared stash would be more useless without unlimited space because without changing the drop rate. It’s because you potentially have 8 times as many items in circulation.

As you can clearly tell, I have virtually no information concerning Diablo II: Resurrected in-game systems. I had to make a series of educated assumptions based off what I know about Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

I can’t play the game yet so it would just be nice to have more of an idea about Diablo II: Resurrected’s in-game system are going to work. Maybe I am completely wrong, but I just feel the vast majority of players don’t know enough information to make a proper suggestion. It’s just spam and hype.

I did listen to the devs, I am impressed with the direction of staying as close to the original as possible. That being said, it’s perfectly okay to reply to suggestions with some input. For all I know, there’s won’t be enough bandwidth and data available for an unlimited stash.

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I am against personal loot, but if they did implement personal loot I believe they would deviate from the personal loot that they have in D3! They would need to keep the “total drops” the same, so that way there isn’t 8x the amount of drops!
Current Shared(FFA) Loot like D2. Full 8 player game in a party. They all kill each end act Boss. Let’s say a total of 10 uniques drop between all 5 end act Bosses.

Let’s just say that the game is instead the Implemented Personal Loot, and not Shared(FFA) Loot. Full 8 player game in a party. They all kill each end act Boss. A total of 10 uniques still drop between all 5 end act Bosses, and not 8x the amount for 80 uniques. The only difference is that the 10 uniques would be distributed to a player based off the 8 players in game. A 1/8 chance of getting a unique. One game you might get 1 out of the 10 uniques. Another game you might get 6 out of the 10 uniques. All the items are distributed based on chance, but the “total drops” would still be the same as if it was a Shared(FFA) Loot game. Also, even though if they implement Personal Loot this way then items would still be tradable even with other players who weren’t in the game when the items drop so that way trading would still be the same as current D2! :slight_smile:

I laughed at this obvious typo. I think you mean 10000, but yes, many of us have played many thousands of hours. Unless you count a bot as having “played the game” and ran multiple bots simultaneously, there’s no way on god’s green earth you have played 100k hours of D2.

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One might say you need to air out that emachines and get some sun yourself for that long of play (an average of 5000 hours a year, 417 hours per month, 14 hours per day). I bow to your dedicated L33tness!

All the info you need to know is that the original game is running underneath, hence there will be no major mechanical changes to new mechanics (maybe number differences eventually, or even at launch if they so choose to though unlikely) such as breakpoints for casting, hit recovery, attacking, etc.

Shared Stash: Is a Quality of Life (QoL) addition. Stashed stash isn’t “needed” but by that frame of mind, mules were not “needed” either, and were a player designed work around of intended game design (small stash, limited space).

Personal/Instanced Loot:

  • Knowing what I know of Diablo 2 (2000) and LoD (2001), bots typically have taken over the public runs, and players cheat (especially in an infamous game such as this know for it’s exploits). Bots generally run an auto pick script, and cheaters not botting can do the same. Thus, with the “global” loot system, players don’t always have fair shake at looting (not even counting ranged vs melee, frame animation locks vs leechers, etc).

Again, using current D2 knowledge, how to you know if your trade was will ill gotten methods.

Not everyone trades and keeps knowledge to some meta economy, which has generally stayed the same since 2004, and current economy is already ruined by botting and rmt. All drop rate would need dropped down to is the current single player standard. If you tried to keep current global loot amount, you would see too many complaints on lack of drops, and it would drive people back to private games by themselves. It would be ok though if used in parallel with global loot (ie at game creation have a choice).

Assuming they stick with 18 characters per account, with the upgraded stash and a single shared stash tab, it equates to roughly 39.5 characters worth of stash space compared to the original game, in addition to the 18 characters personal inventory. There is a clip of the deep dive showing multiple shared tabs, so who knows when, how to acquire and most importantly if we’ll get additional shared tabs.

As far as some people having 30 mule accounts loaded up with gear… All I can really say is there are people who have a hoarding problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

My plan is to store runes in the shared stash, that way they are accessible by all of the characters I decide to play. Nothing irked me more than having to make a mule game just to access my “lowrune”, “midrune” and/or “highrune” mules just to make one rune word. I can finally hoard loads of gems in my personal stash to roll charms. :slight_smile:

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No. You can have one D2R license per Bnet account.

You can assume modern Bnet will work like it does for every other game. If you leave the game the game instance is gone. Do NOT leave game with anything on the ground. There is no “perm” game. Having a friend it would of course, resolve that - but only for D2R.


What we currently know is that you get:

  • One D2R license per Bnet account.
  • All chars on that license share the Shared Stash so you can safely transfer things.
  • Loot rules remain the same. Anything can be traded.
  • Chars on another Bnet account on a separate license would not share the Shared Stash.

What we don’t know:

  • How many chars per License you can have.

That will determine how many mules you can make, and how many Ladder chars you make.

Trade will also be easier in game. You can shift click to link items in trade chat, use an in-game item compare (it won’t tell you what is good, just show you both), etc. Makes it a lot easier to show your items for trade and easier to check them out against your current gear to decide to buy.


Every time I see this it maddens me, if reports the shared stash is not going to be implemented in ClassicD2R are correct.

Do the devs not see what a clustertruck this is going to be, especially on console for ClassicD2R players? Seems they should see it coming a mile away, but do they? ugh.

“One D2R license per Bnet account.”

I meant can you have more than one in-game account linked to your D2R License and Bnet account?

Like I can have unlimited d2 lod accounts linked to my bnet account and key.

There will no longer be ‘in-game’ accounts in D2:R like there are in the original game. The only way to get an additional D2:R account would be to purchase another copy of D2:R on a separate account.


HCpkers will be up in arms.


Oh well. :man_shrugging:


I’m pretty much assuming this is going to work like Diablo 3, except it will have a separate launcher for single player. So, you launch from the Blizzard Ap, sign in with your Blizz account credentials, you D2R account will load up.

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One thing to be aware of is that some or all quest items could not be stored in shared stash during Alpha. I confirmed that myself. And given Alpha was single-player without trading, there was no ability for us to test trading quest items, so we “might” not be able to trade quest items or store them in shared stash if release is like Alpha in that regard.

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I should think so. Quests are specific to individual characters, as are the rewards. They should not be shared.

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I don’t know if it’s been patched, but in past you could mule something like Khalims Will to a new char which is OP because it has no min lvl req. D2R has apparently made that xfer a no-go so far with using the shared stash. Just another thing to test in beta I suppose.

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I completely with that part. We don’t need players having multiple Horadric Malus’ in the shared stash. haha.

In that case, they need unlimited shared storage or Diablo II: Resurrected will just simply flop and people like me will play LoD.

That wasn’t a typo buddy. I’m disabled. I literally just sat in my apartment and played D2 from 2000-2015 an average of 19 hours a day 365 days a year. There used to be this channel bot and it told me exactly how many hours my accounts were logged in for. I’m just counting my 5 main legit accounts. I started botting in 2015 because I had beaten the game so completely it was just stupid. I ran 128 bots simultaneously and I got permabanned for it in 2017. It was really stupid of me too because I was already had every item I could ever want after playing D2 for 15 years. It just wasn’t worth it. It’s been a couple years, I worked on myself from 2018-2019 and got an AAS in IT from 2019-2020 and graduated Magna *** Laude (wow! Part of my honors title is a bad word…) with a 3.92 GPA without even really trying… it the most effortless thing I’ve ever done.

As far as D2:R goes, it just looks fun and aesthetics are nice. I don’t ever plan on botting again. The nice about D2:R is if I get bored, I can just logout until next time because my chars don’t expire.

Moral of the story is don’t cheat or use hacks even if 90% of players are doing it, just have fun.

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In Alpha, and I believe also planned for release, there are 2 stash tabs: one labeled personal and the other labeled “shared”.

So you still have a personal stash tab for storage in addition to the shared stash. Both tabs are pretty big compared to D2 ladder iirc. Should be good to go.

Kinda like Hellgate London’s stash system?

Damn. You missed out on some good games. I love me some d2, But there’s no way I could play nothing but one game for 15 years straight, every day for that many hours. that’s some dedication.

Gl in D2R.

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This is a pic of the inv + stash tabs in all their glory, from some random article:

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