More augments, Less Clearing

A couple weeks ago, I created a Whirly Barby, non-seasonal. Without any augments, I sailed up-to GR106. Unable to clear 107, I augmented an item, and cleared it.

Since then, I’ve gone-up, at least, a couple dozen Paragon Lvls (I’m, currently, at 1162). I, now, have, better gear, and, in total, five augments (the gem lvls range from 90-95); yet, despite all of this, I can, no longer, clear 107.

What am I missing.

Should probably have posted in the Barb forum.

From what I can see, you’re missing a tonne of crit damage (none on gloves or amulet), and your CDR is a little low. Also use Diamonds in your chest and pants.

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Thanks for that. I appreciate it.


Your Helm and Boots both have +WW damage on them. The vast majority of your damage in this build comes from Rend, not WW. So, for helm you want STR/VIT/CHC/Socket (so you’ll need a new helm), and boots you can re-roll the +WW to Armour.

You’re also using the Captain Crimson variant, which isn’t recommended until you have much higher paragon levels (i.e. at least another 3500 levels or so). Having said that, your CC belt and legs are both missing All Resist primary (as they rolled with a single elementary resist secondary) so that’s a lot of missing mitigation.

Gloves, re-roll the VIT to 50% CHD (make up for the loss of VIT if necessary by re-allocating some paragon points from main stat to VIT).

Bracers. Rend/Bloodbath is physical damage so re-roll the 20% fire on the bracers to 20% Physical instead.

Weapons. You need to find some ancients. If you have spares of the blades, reforging at the Cube is your friend.

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