Monsters after Urshi

I’m worried that posting this will jinx it but I’ve not run into the “unkillable monster” bug all season. Usually my WW barb or hydra wizard hit this damn thing every 4-5 times I clear a GR Yes, there are still monsters that appear after Urshi arrives – the most notable being scripted ones like the zombies crawling out of the fire pit – but the immortal ones that you have to run away from to another rift level are gone. Did Blizzard actually fix a long-standing bug or am I experiencing an insane run of good luck?

As they don’t tend to hotfix mid-season unless there are exceptional circumstances, I suspect the latter.

That’s likely but I am talking about the whole season. I haven’t seen this happen since season 21 began and since I’ve played only HC this season it’s been one of the few positives for this season. I could almost put up with the horrible environmental effects and pointless meteor bombardments after talking to Urshi if I only knew I wasn’t going to have to face another immortal scavenger killing my wizard.