Monk Question - WotHF Windforce Flurry Rune


I am playing Raiment Gen monk with WotHF - Windforce Flurry Rune for fun.

  • Diablo III
  • Skill Description: Unleash a rapid series of punches that strike enemies for 190% weapon damage. Every third hit also generates a wave of wind that deals 500% weapon damage as Cold to enemies directly ahead of you.

Is the 3rd hit of Windforce Flurry Rune count as double procs? I want to know how the damage calculates. I assume that as the description says, the 3rd hit deals 190% damage then release a wave of 500% damage, however, one of my friend told me it is just 500%, not 190% + 500%.

Which one is correct?

  1. 3rd hit 190% + 500%
  2. 3rd hit 500%

The “also” implies it’s on top of the 190%, not instead of.

D3planner also appears to be calculating the DPS with the 3rd hit as 190% + 500%.

Neither of those things are conclusive, you’d have to test it in game to be sure. Just see if the third hit gives two damage numbers, one that is the same as the first two hits and another that is bigger.

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I appreciated with your suggestion. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I tested it against Ghom. The 3rd hit showed only one damage number. In other words, 3rd hit probably deals 500% damage, instead of 190% + 500%.