Monday's Maintenance

I sure hope it clears all these glitches, errors, DCs and bugs. Just setting up this note, saw the blizzard/ app disconnect/reconnect 3 times. 4.

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Bug fix patch to be done at that time.

error 315000 exists for a year! do you still hope that something will work? all developers are engaged in Diablo 4 and there is no time for other games, errors only accumulate!

I’m not sure what today’s maintenance was for. (The usual, routine maintenance is my guess).

As far as the crash fix goes:

Edit: Oops. I’m losing track of days again. (Sorry).

I’m currently playing on the Asia Region. Maintenance is scheduled for Monday at 7:00 AM PST. That would be:

My time Monday 12/07/2020 10:00 AM
Europe Monday, 12/07/2020   4:00 PM
Asia Tuesday, 12/08/2020 12:00 AM

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA look at the date of that post.

And I can probably find older if I search for more than 10 seconds.

Not true but keep telling yourself that if it makes you happy.

  • “Diablo Legacy is kinda newish. It’s the renamed D3 team. They were part of the Classics team, but now since Rod Fergusson is here (EP for the Diablo franchise), the goal was to bring Diablo teams under his leadership so they are now referred to as Diablo Legacy that sits alongside Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 teams.” - PezRader

Oh, God, please no nerfs. I’m having such fun this season.

Warning! Player enthusiasm detected!

Loading ScrewUser.exe…

it’s like they have a specific code they flip the switch on if you’re having too much fun

I have other tinfoil hat topics if ya like

Case in point, decided to be cheeky on forums before playing.

Now as soon as i take a step in a rift or an enemy appears on screen

BANG you die now

instantly. never mind i was carrying ppl in t16 rifts and 85 grifts all night last night, today? BANG You die now! MUAHAHHAHA

isn’t unavoidable damage aka “papercutting” grand?

Swear to the burning hells the day the dev said that in a dev talk it made me unable to play for almost a freakin year.

See ya’ll in 2021

Enjoy your short stay on the forum.

I’ve only crashed twice since Patch 2.6.10 was deployed. And the last time was just after Season 22 started.

I consider that being pretty lucky since I live in North America and I’m currently playing on the Asia Region where I have the worst latency.

I just started leveling a Hardcore Seasonal Demon Hunter. She just hit Level 70 tonight.

The Fmod fix is still the only way to avoid game freezes.

It is strange that blizzard Classic games has not fixed this horrible issue.

Many HC hero’s are ripping due to Blizzards negligence on this issue.

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Still experiencing lagouts, and just had a complete crash to desktop. What exactly did the patch do?

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I am not convinced a patch even dropped. I was playing and got the ‘server shutdown’ message. Finished my rift and logged out. The game was back playable in less than an hour. That sounds like a backup/reboot more than a patch.

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Are you still having issues?

Even though the client build version changed to and the Community Manager confirmed there’d been a patch…

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Pretty sure it was to make sure all primal drops are Blackthorne’s going forward.

Since I never see any, I can’t say for sure. Highest rift played is level 90, so I should be eligible.