Modernize the PC Lobbies to Mirror the Console Lobbies

The PC should have the same lobbies as the console.

Test out the viability of the watered down version of multiplayer on a larger sample size to show how well it works for a majority of the players.

Then if enough people like it, go ahead and keep it on all platforms including the PC. Since lobbies are old news and should be updated on console, the PC should get the same updated multiplayer so they aren’t left behind.

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May i refer to this topic where it is explained in detail? Just in case you missed it.

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PC’s will have better lobbies than console, it will have the traditional ones, with everyone lined in down below in the channel, and the ability to create/join games with ease. The console one isn’t nowhere near as good, you have to put tags onto the games you create so other console players can find your games if they put the same tag into search.

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Exactly, they should help the new generation of PC gamers by implementing the Consoles version of multiplayer.

The complexity of lobbies is way to much for a newer generation of gamers and all platforms should be set up to be inclusive to all like the console version of the game. Their should be no reason why the PC is left in the dust with it’s out dated lobby system.

I think i am missing the point of this thread then…

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Nice troll attempt.

Console lobbies are the ones that need to be fixed, and im sure they will get more useful with future patches.


Exactly, I appreciate the word Blizz are doing on console lobbies, and the update adds some neat features for console users to find games relevent for them, but it is nowhere near as useful as the traditional PC/Bnet lobby system.

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In the thread explaining why console lobbies are busted they gave some half baked reason about it being more accessible to a newer audience. So if they won’t fix it for consoles, they might as well prove the value of how good the new multiplayer system is by implementing it on the larger PC player base.

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I am sorry mate… You completly lost me now. I am not a console user and i don’t understand your point you are trying to make.

Thing is, with console there is always the inevitable trade off due to most console users not wanting or willing to buy a USB Keyboard/mouse add on, and I can understand why they would not want to do that, so then all that is left is the trade off between accessibility and functionality.

The current system leaves the multiplayer unfuctional and inaccessible.

Also, I’m assuming your answer to this thread means that as a PC player you wouldn’t like the multiplayer set up that console players are getting.

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On console? Well the updates they have notified us of should make it easier for you, but it will never be as functional as PC unfortunatelty.

So on consoles we won’t have the ability to make lobbies because it’s not accessible enough or something. So the implemented a “better” system for console users that ruins the multiplayer experience of the original game.

The point I was trying to hone in on was that this is a bad change that no one would want. I guess the way I was trying to get their wasn’t the best. But their aren’t enough console players to sort of rally behind it.

Doesn’t matter anyway though. No matter the consensus it’s PC or single player. They won’t implement the system that majority of the players on console want, at least the majority of players that played the beta.

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I see what you’re doing here, but god please no don’t force those horrible console lobbies on the PC version too. Haha


Absolutely, it’s that lowest comment denominator thing that has ruined countless modern games. Luckily though on PC/Bnet, we are getting the very accessible, very functional, traditonal lobby system.

Hey man, these are modern lobbies! They would never force terrible online into a game with a once thriving community.

Don’t you want to get with the times and have a lobby created for you that may only populate with 3 people of your lucky who cannot chat with you.

Who needs trading anyway! Modernize the PC master race, don’t leave them behind!

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Suck it up, Buttercup. You choose to play a PC game on console.

Every video game that was designed for PC which also offers a console port has to deal with and accept the limitations of console hardware when porting that game. So do the players who choose to play the console versions.

Asking the devs to intentionally hamstring the PC version just to bring it down to the consoles’ capabilities is ludicrous.

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So as a PC player you don’t like modernized lobbies? What are you a caveman? Get with the time and demand modern lobbies!

These lobbies are t just hamstrung together they are modern and superior!

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That’s a pretty good joke lol.

Edit: to the other folks… I’m pretty sure he is being sarcastic. Like 90% sure. At least I hope he is.

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the point if the thread is to show how absurd the statement is that “console lobbies are ok”

by using the argument they are saying that its “ok” by suggesting they if its so good they should also replace pc lobbies with it.

its a type of reverse psychology.

obviously if they tried to implement “console lobbies” in the pc version there would be a freaking riot on their hands. the OP knows this

and that the only reason this isnt getting much attention is d2 isnt a game for consoles at all, its a game for pc… so the majority of the fanbase could care less what happens to to lobbies in consoles… and the op is angry because he does care.

so he uses the example of " went don’t you try pushing this on the pc players and see what happens… if its not ok for them, why is ok for me?"

that or he is crazy.