Missed Opportunity with season 23

I really enjoy the new follower system because I am mainly a solo player but when I do play with others its usually my brothers. I feel like with the new follower changes it would have been a great season to allow followers in groups, I feel gimped not having my follower now when I do play with them, its almost making me avoid them and that’s not what I want.

You never had your followers when you played with others (brothers) so what is your point?

  • The only time you could have followers in group play is if you used Asheara’s Vestments.
  • The entire point of the followers revamp was to help out SOLO PLAYERS, not group players.

Just evidence the Emanate system is worthwhile, now that you’ve grown accustomed to it. Good thing its sticking around when the season ends.

Hi, Avalon could you answer a question for me. I was wondering. Every Follower can now have 8 more items. Leads up to a total of 14 pieces. Three followers will have a total of 42 pieces and 4 players with all Followers would load into a single game 168 items at once. With every Player in the group having their stash full + everyone uses Asharas and all Followers join the game at the same time. Would that lead to crashing the game or at least slowing it down tremendously? I don’t know if Asharas will let join your Followers with gear or not. But the Devs said they couldn’t add more stash tabs because it would slow down systems.

I do not know I mostly run solo and would not use Asheara’s Vestments other sets are much stronger.

The point is, no. We never have before, but this season is the OMG season of what is typically trash, is now just minorly trash, and it is the only seasonal buff, and we had all the other seasonal buffs before when we were in a group with people, and now we are out this .000000001% of who the crap cares about this piece of crap follower that needs to shut their mouth and actually do something instead of following me around with their one liners while they do absolutely nothing else.
So since our new shiny minor pieces of trash are the only buff we have, we should be able to take them with us.

You missed the point of the follower revamp, it was not intended to make group players even stronger.
Group players have many benefits that solo players do not have. This has been covered many times already.

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Yeah, and previously, they also had the seasonal buff to make them that much more stronger.
That, and I’m not even sure what you mean about groups being stronger? In order for that to happen, everyone would have to be doing something together instead of just rushing through as fast as possible, and yelling at everyone else who just wants to play a game.

You do not believe that a four person group would be even stronger if that group also had 4 followers? The follower revamp was to help the solo players close the gap just a little. It was not created to help the group players increase the gap even more. Think about it.

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Again. That would require the 4 people to actually work together and not be Richards to each other.
I mean, that, and the followers to actually have value. They are supposed to this season. That is the “Season Buff”. Which you’ve always had in a group setting as well. You didn’t lose your extra Cube Slot last season when you joined a group. I mean, it is still a completely worthless Season Buff unless you chose the follower that matches your Main Stat since there is no other way to get them gear.

Of course they would and so would every other group out there, kinda like when they have a seasonal buff that increases player strength, so whats the difference? Btw I only play with my brothers when I’m not playing solo and I don’t want to feel like I don’t want to help them out because I can’t have my follower anymore.

Honestly, It’s not really a seasonal buff, since it’s both permanent and active for non-season. Sure Blizzard calls it a theme, but it’s less of an event and more of a description that hints at the followers being a primary focus of this update. As for the apparent lack of group fun, all I can say is wait for Season 24, because outside of a double goblin or bounty event, I don’t see anything else being implemented for this season.

I don’t see why, besides maybe some emanates, an additonal player or two far outstrips a solo player with a follow in terms of damage output and efficiency. In other words, playing with your brothers, for the most part, would be more rewarding and “fun” (depends on the person), than it would be to play solo with a follower.

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Wrong most people know how to get that main stat on the follower.

  • If you have a Monk and a Templar just create a Crusader or Barb (same Stat as Templar).
  • Use the Crusader or Barb to change the Stat and go back to the Monk and keep playing.
    Hopefully they will implement a feature in the game so we will not need to do this.
  • Many of us have been doing this for years. The follower revamp is new and needs adjustments.

No. See, if I wanted to play a barbarian, I would have selected a barbarian. You are correct that it is how it always has been. Followers are trash. And they will forever remain as such.

The follower changes were implemented three days before the season started.
The follower changes affect non-seasonal heroes.
The follower changes are permanent and will last after the season ends.

Season 23 does not have a buff / theme.

Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Now Live!
Nope. No Theme at all. It happened at the season swap time. There was a PTR going on typical getting ready for Season 22 to be over so it can be replaced with Season 23: The Disciples of Sanctuary. No matter how they are handling the buff in the future. This was the “Buff” That was given to this season as no other changes were made. So yes. This is the season buff. If they want to keep it moving forward, who cares because followers are and always have been worthless?

The follower changes were given to non-seasonal heroes three days before the season started and the changes are permanent so will last after the season ends. So, regardless of Blizzard saying it’s the seasonal theme, it’s not because it not limited to the duration of the season or seasonal heroes.

I am playing the LoD Twister wizard and I feel exteremly weak when playing with others now, I understand I am playing a squish class but even with Stone gauntlets and what not and other damage reducing passives etc, I am literally a distraction for the AI as they one tap me no matter what in T16 + While grouped but the second I jump in Solo I can with stand everything in t16+ upto GR 107 …