Might I ask if there is any more info on Season 29?

I know early access to D4 is in less than 24 hours, but for those dedicated D3 peoples and those who just might want to break the endless D4 with some easy D3, is there any hint as to a date?

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No, and you’ll know the same time as everyone else does, i.e. when Blizzard post an announcement.

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This is a joke right? You know the BlizzTVision office is a frantic mess right now with people running everywhere like chickens with their heads cut off. They literally have 32 jobs open for D4 atm: https ://careers.blizzard.com /global/en/search-results?keywords=Diablo%20IV&from=20&s=1

Making a new D3 season is not a priority for them.

They most certainly planned it already but there’s not a single information about it on public; besides the fact that it will be last original Season before themes start to repeat. If they declared that, then you may as well guess they planned everything before hand, prior to D4 release already.

As of right now, there’s no new info pertaining to D3’s season 29 (or any of the seasons that’ll come after). I doubt this will change, at least not until some time after Diablo 4 launches.

Keep an eye on the D3 page for any updates about seasons.

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wow, thanks from the bottom of my heart to the employees who answered. I would never have known.

I am sure they have totally different teams of writers, i.e. Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, DIIR, D3, D4, etc, etc. I don’t check out Classifieds for Jobs at Blizzard so I have no idea what is going on.

Once again thanks again to those employees for their sage advice.

You see, I don’t troll the forums offering my expert advice, I only come here to ask a question.

Most likely we won’t learn anything about D3 S29 for this month. Wouldn’t want to distract Blizzard players from playing D4.


The question gets asked every season.
The answer is always “wait until Blizzard announce it”.
So, as this is Season 28, wouldn’t most folks spot a pattern by now?


How would any of us know anything until Blizzard actually tells us? None of us has any sort of access to inside knowledge.

Logic, people. Please use it.


To be honest, considering that Blizzard loves to sneak preview stuff at Twitter or Reddit than actually telling us in the official forum, can’t blame people for asking this info here because they don’t follow/play Twitter and Reddit.

Just takes D4 forum as example, most of the juicy and latest info about D4 changes were took place in Twitter instead of finding out in the D4 forum.


You may ask!
Peace. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!

This isn’t exclusive to Blizzard. Many companies show things on Twitter before anywhere else. Whether it’s the fact that the “official” community of many games tend to be more garbage than unofficial or they feel it will get more views that way is debatable.

Oh, but a few here really love to believe they do.

It clearly shows what a waste of time the PTR forums are and how feedback is useless around here.

Not only D4’s launch, but likely D4 S1 will drop first before D3 gets S29. They plan to start seasons around 6 weeks after D4 launch… wouldn’t want a D3 season start trying to steal some of that thunder.


Dev interviews from a few months ago stated that S29 for D3 likely won’t be out until S1 starts for D4, which optimistically won’t occur before early-mid July.

Wait, season 1 isn’t ready at launch? Lol whats the point other than going through story mode… hopefully s29 is before that.

D4 requires you to finish the story at least once before you get the option skip the story when you create a new character (i.e. essentially starting a character in adventure mode).

So the 6 weeks or so before S1 is likely to give players the opportunity to do that since I can’t imagine anyone who would want to play a season with story mode when they’re trying to play optimally.

Personally, it sounds quite clunky to me but it might be a necessity due to the way the game is designed.

yeah, I’m going through the D4 story now. I don’t plan to get all hopped up on goofballs and play the next 72 hours straight (whats the point lol) but I will put in a couple hours here and there until I finish.

as a side note, extremely impressed how smoothly it (d4) plays, even on older hardware.

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I will be shocked if we get a new season this year…if we do it’ll probably be a repeat of an older season