Meta-feedback: improve the forum

The forum itself needs improvement. This occurred to me trying to read the PTR feedback. I think that the forum should allow community members to embed polls in their posts. I think it could help the community interact in more meaningful ways and I think it could help the development team interpret our feedback better.

Please ‘like’ or upvote or whatever if you agree that allowing people to embed polls in their posts is a worthwhile use of Blizzard’s resources.


They don’t want you taking polls…

Petition posts are frowned upon.

These are discussion forums and, as such, we ask you hold discussions. Creating a thread to ask for replies as “votes” is not a discussion. Threads violating this guideline are subject to moderation, including deletion.

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Huh. I had not known this. I think thats a colossal mistake. This forum is one of the best resources for feedback the community has. Feels like a wasted opportunity

There’s a lot of mised opportunity in the D3 departement overall.

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