Memory Issue in D3

Not saying this is a diablo issue since I dont see a lot of post similar. And I got this machine from a guy who built it as a chess engine, so there could be something on my side.

But diablo3 seems to be leaking memory on my machine. I start fine but after an hour its still climbing to 70 -90% memory usage. It doesn’t really effect the game, but I’m hardcore mode and it makes me nervous. Just wondering if anyone else has/had this issue and if there is a fix.

Have AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 CORE
GTX 2060
Corsair 128 gb ddr4
When I open diablo i see notification that is 64 bit but in the task manager its running 32 x

The reason it show in task manager 32 bit is the game is installed in the 32 bit folder. “Programs Files (x86)” for it to be a true 64 bit game it really has to be installed into the Programs Files folder. That is where the 64 bit stuff is installed.

Yes it is what they try make it sound like a 64 bit game. But it not really a 64bit game and yes it is running in their 64 bit world but really isn’t a 64 bit game.

Now on the memory I have never ever had a problem with that. But I’ll keep and eye on it to see if I get the same thing. I have 32gb of memory.

Ok I did some testing and I’m only using about 2gb to 3gb memory. The CPU very little use too.

Now how much memory are you using before you run the game. What I’m looking at is you wrote that you are using 128gb of memory. So what you are saying is the game is using up to 90gb to 115gb of memory? WOW

It was strange, the machine wasnt acting like it was being used. I reinstalled and it seems fine, I think the game was installed on SSD from my old machine.

I have all my games installed on 3 - 1TB SSD and not on my main drive. That way if something happens I don’t have to reinstall any games. Install the interface for any game company. Point to where the game is installed and let the interface take care of it.