Maxroll "Ranks" page down... again?

The issue where nothing was showing up on the page has been fixed. But, now it seems like the page isn’t updating at all. I know I got a clear that is on the official leaderboard that isn’t on the ranks page, and I’ve seen a few others on the board that also don’t show up over on Maxroll.

Has anybody had a clear in the last few days (since at least the 29th) that they’ve seen show up on Maxroll?

I can try with my WD (Currently 359 with Arachyr set on EU server) but my “record” was set on 06/20

Seasonal LB from the game: 338
Seasonal LB from MR: 359

Same paragon, time with a GR 125

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Hmm, weird… if you are rank X in-game, and that board is updating, and Maxroll’s board was frozen at some point, then you should at best be staying the same in-game, and more likely going down in rank (as other people complete higher clears). While on Maxroll, you should stay at that same rank, if it’s frozen.

So your rank on LB should be lower than your Maxroll rank, not higher. And actually, I see you as rank 332, not 338. I wonder if there’s a banwave being carried out right now?

edit: there are definitely at least a few people missing, which probably means a banwave. I wonder if that gummed up Maxroll’s boards?

Good news for me ^^
And I think there is a banwave currently

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Ah, once again sales and banwaves have coincided. :rofl:

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so hey, on the top right of their website they have a “Contact”.

but their discord would probably be faster results. join the discord