Mastery Skills should be buffed to break Immunities

Title for the most part. Every class (not just paladin/Necro) should have a way to break immunities.


I think a more wide spread way to do this would just be to make gear do it. IE pierce-pois on DWeb actually pierces resistance. Makes it not so inherent to classes to widen the power gap more.

“every class should have x” is homogenization we don’t need


No, this isn’t a skill or ability that does X. I am not saying every class needs to have a heal, or Root, a CC, and AOE, or whatever…

Every class does in fact needs a better way to handle immunties - which are probably the worst gameplay feature in Diablo 2. This can be done by skills or maybe even some type of item or quest bonus.


It’s fine how it is. Get a merc or go into two trees. Changing it would change the dynamics entirely, people would ditch hybrid builds, mercenaries wouldn’t be near as important, item values would change etc.


Immunity is immunity.

Immunities makes It more challenging.

Just learn to play more strategic against them.


How about we balance the game then? Should we add a new magic damage type so bonemancers and holy paladins are subject to Holy Immunity? Because right now there really are not very many Magic Immune mobs compared to others.

I am not asking to make hybrid builds obsolete. They would still have a advatange over single schools in terms of DPS in Hell Mode.

No, we should just leave it how it is.


Absolutely not.

This is one of the things that makes the game unique and great.

Every character has pros and cons. The Sorceress is the only character that has early access to Teleport which allows her to farm places that would take a long time to reach otherwise, like Andariel and Mephisto. If you take away the immunity, you just unintentionally nerfed every other class because now the Sorceress can do everything.


Do you know what I hate more than Brem Sparkfist?

Suggestions aimed at making Brem Sparkfist pointless.



meanwhile, the two most popular builds in the game are paladin builds that only have to deal with a single very uncommon immunity in the entire game.


aka just look up a broken hammerdin or smite build like everyone else

yep, so skillful

unless you actually invented your build you don’t get to talk about skill; if all you did is google a build or watch a video and replicate the build, you’re not skilled at all


Just purist logic or hammerdins scared they will not be at the top forever.

I would be fine with adding a new school like Holy if it mean balancing out damage types and immunities.


Cold Mastery can get a change, Lightning and Fire Mastery works exactly the same, It increases your elemental damage from your skills, cold mastery decreases the resistance from the enemies, so they can receive more dmg output from your cold skills but if cold mastery gets changed like fire and lightning mastery than is defeatly cold sorc the strongest Sorc. I mean this defeatly need to be calculated, but I think about skill changes it should drop with a patch later when this game is launched and released after a time when the community is build up…my opinion

Back in my day, a sorc could have 2 strong elements. I had a firewall/frozen orb sorc and man it was glorious. So much steak was cooked in those fields. Some was frozen for later!


Oh the good old days when they nerfed Fire Wall every patch because it still was overpowered.


Bro that username is overpowered. Makes me wanna go watch some homestarruner!

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There is no need to do this. You can defeat immunities easily by using 3 methods:

  1. Play in a group… it’s an online game mostly.
  2. Get a mercenary with infinity and get lower resist charge wands off Akara or other vendors .
  3. Use a multi damage source build like Kick/Trap Assassin, Melee/Berzerk Barbarian, Hammer/Smite Paladin, Frozen Orb/Firewall Sorceress, Fury/Jab/Poison Amazon etc… So many builds, you don’t need all your eggs in one basket ever. You’ll see be effective against bosses.

Edit: Also saw you mentioned Necromancer… You can literally put 1 point into Corpse Explosion, Amp damage, and Revives and still max out all your bone skills and absolutely crush any mode and all immunities because you can simply pump fire/physical damage from killing non-immune mobs and blowing them up. Necro is OP.

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  1. If we get PL then sure. But I dont plan on playing in groups very often because of hacks and bots.

  2. One should never have to rely on a merc. That is bad game design.

  3. That solution is fine for those builds, but I think the option of going full school should be viable. Necromancers have amp damage and MAGIC dealing which is 98% of all mobs in the game. I shouldn’t need to explian the OP of Paladins.

Other solutions are giving new spell penetration stats through new runewords or unique items.

Any such changes I mentioned however should be reserved for a potential expansion.

Game doesn’t rely on mercs though, they are just another way to get around it. You could also use infinity on your character its self which many people do. And balancing your skills early on to defeat immunes is good. Giving generic spell penetration just trivializes the game even more than it already is.

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While some balancing in skills might be required I do not think that immunities should be re-worked. They make the game challenging and force you to find ways to deal with them.
There is a way for elemental users to break most common mob immunities without infinity by the way.
Physical characters can go for an additional elemental skill/magical skill, even if low level. Or just add a lot of elemental damage to their build.

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