Marauder sentries don't fire all spenders

When equipped with two or more Hatred spenders, the sentries will not auto-fire all of them, only one. They will still fire the correct spender when you do, but not on their own. For example, equipping Cluster Arrow and Chakram, the sentries will only auto-fire CA.

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Yes, this makes it impossible to run three spender build by equipping SoIW, Rucksack, and Augustine’s in the cube and have Multi-shot on your bar too.

The sentries will automatically fire Multi-shot, only fire Chakram when you do, and Elemental Arrow not all because you can’t shoot elemental arrow with a melee weapon equipped.

If this is intended, then they should change the 4 piece description text to reflect that your sentries will fire Multishot, Cluster Arrow, Elemental Arrow OR Chakram automatically OR when you do.

I’ve also noticed that the sentries don’t fire their normal attack at all. They will only fire one spender, and in between not fire their normal shots at all. Not sure if this is intended in order to keep them from doing too much damage on their own.

Also reporting that Sentry auto-cast appears to have issues that don’t seem to make sense. Sentry auto-cast looks like it has a strange interaction with Tasker and Theo.

If Sentry’s normal attacks not firing is intended, then it would explain how Tasker and Theo doesn’t work with auto-casting. But Tasker and Theo looks like it does increase the attack rate of auto-cast Impale, Chakram & Elemental Arrow. But this effect does not apply to Multishot and Cluster Arrow, at least from my naked eye observation.

The fact that Tasker and Theo doesn’t work with Multishot and Cluster Arrow is particularly strange. If it’s not working because auto-cast Multishot and Cluster Arrow do not count as sentries’ own attacks, then Enforcer would not apply to sentries’ MS and CA.

I’ll try and see how Sentry auto-cast interacts with Enforcer, but I feel like I need to level up Enforcer quite a bit to notice any differences.

EDIT: It seems like Tasker and Theo interaction is its own issue, so I’ll start a new thread on this! But leaving the post here so notifs don’t get confused.