Mana Burn and Snakes!

If their poison attack was working as intended, you’d be right, but it isn’t. Diablo’s lightning is supposed to be deadly. I also saw where the devs mentioned the dolls as possibly being bugged as well.

It’s like Iron Maiden; it was bugged and returned way too much damage, so it was corrected (too much, if you ask me); there is a difference between something dangerous on purpose and something not working right. In WoW betas, you’d often come across a buggy quest or area, and you could work around it so you could move on, but that bug gets corrected (you’d think), and doesn’t go live.

Now as to why it was not fixed for over a decade or more? Even in maintenance mode there should have been allowances for things like that. And if it is working as intended, declare it and make it a moot point.

“I’ve had it with these mana burning snakes on this mana burning plane!!!”

or something, idk, I’ve never watched the movie “Snakes on a Plane”.

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They are not bugs and we’ve been playing with the damage from these monsters for almost 2 decades. The only bugs left in the game are: “it’s to hard for me, so it’s a bug and I want it fixed or removed.”

You don’t even play the game. And this ignorant comment proves it completely. Unbelievable, telling lies in an attempt to validate your argument. You’re a joke!

Ok wait a second. The devs mentioned the viper damage as a bug, but you say it’s not.

And why are you being so damn rude? I didn’t say one rude thing to you or anyone else; how am I wrong about Iron Maiden? At one point, melee characters could kill themselves when hit by it; this was a well known issue for years. And it was changed. Before the change, pallies would use low level melee weapons and Vengeance to avoid the damage. Barbs would swap to berserk so no physical damage was going out. If I’m wrong, tell me how and why, stop being insulting, it doesn’t add anything to a constructive conversation.

They said they will look at suspected bugs.

Do you know what the return percentage was reduced to off the top of your head?

No, I had to go look, and what I found was…an incorrect memory: in the 1.13d patch notes, the line is:

  • Removed Oblivion Knight’s Iron Maiden curse.

I stand corrected. It wasn’t fixed, they took it out. Give an old man a break, it’s been 14 years!

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I’ve been playing the game almost everyday for more than 17 years (hardcore characters only). I know what is a bug and what isn’t a bug. Dolls and Snakes are not bugged, and they do not need fixing.

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Well, I took a loooooong break . I played off and on, every couple of years when I got bored with WoW or D3, but I’ve been hoping for a remaster for a long time.

Mind you, I don’t really care, personally, about these things, even having been away for so long, I remember how dangerous the dolls can be, and the damn vipers (didn’t stop me from getting killed though) , but I am enjoying the conversation…usually.

Do you feel like if those things were changed it would cheapen your experience? Like, you built a life on using tactics to avoid these things, and it won’t be as rewarding to defeat or avoid them? Not being snarky, just curious.

This is my answer to your question. :point_down:

If they weaken doll damage, they are no longer a threat farming the best place to farm runes in the game and they are no longer a threat in the Throne Room. Then, the next monster that will be targeted to be nerfed are the souls. Then they’ll want Nihl’s CE nerfed. It will never end.

From my old days in HC there were a few things we died to. Dolls, Frenzytaurs, those vipers and LE/FE champs. Honestly without those guys the number of HC deaths were only to PK’ers or people who had just shown up in HC. Even the IM knights didn’t take down many HC players cuz we knew where they were and how to deal with them.

It is good to have some things around that actually make the HC players take a pause.

And it’s good to learn how to deal with these monsters, other than running away.
I developed a personal principle about 15 years ago, that every monster or group of monsters that crosses my path and posses a serious threat must be taken down with the current set up and without leaving the game. What’s come from that is respect for the monster’s ability to kill me, but death to them all!

I’m not sure if I agree it’s a slippery slope deal, but I see where you’re coming from, and fair enough. I don’t know if a gate on super high level XP farming is worth having it disrupt your game at lower levels, but maybe those don’t matter as much, and yes, they can be avoided by better smarter play.

Believe it or not, I feel exactly the same way. I don’t think my heart could take the NDE’s all the time, but I never park mobs or avoid them. I don’t care if it takes me an hour, they have to die.

Or I do, but not all that often.

It’s the way the game has been for 18 years. If it was a problem, it would have been fixed when they removed IM. People asked for them to be nerfed as well during that time.

The vipers in nilithaks tomb can instantly kill any player foolish enough to walk through their poison cloud.

They don’t need to adjust any of the damage, but there’s no reason the clouds should stay invisible.


As others have said it burns more mana than was ever intended. While i dont think this affects too much on most classes it does however completely neuter mana sheild builds for sorc.