Mana Burn and Snakes!

Mana Burn: please do not remove, adjust or fix this. Leave it as it is. Every single character class has both a skill and multiple techniques to deal with it. It is another one of those challenges that is an integral contribution to making hell difficulty so much fun to play.

Tomb Vipers: As deadly as these snakes are, it is simple to avoid their deadly hidden damage. And as crazy as that damage can be, it serves a very important role. It slows down the farming of keys and mlvl 95 experience. It doesn’t slow it down a lot, but to give an example how much it does slow it down: when they are present and depending on their density it takes me up to 3 minutes to solo kill Nihl in an 8 player game, when they aren’t present he only takes 30 seconds. These times are started at the HoP wp and without tele.


I can’t see any release where they would remove mana burn, your right its a key feature.

I know they are talking about some bug fixes around Nihl where incoming damage that can’t be seen is being fixed so you can see it. Which is fair enough imo.


So much for the heart palpitations when hearing that iconic sound.

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I don’t remember Tomb Vipers to be that bad. They had a charge freezing attack, yes, but it can be avoided. Thorn Hulks can stun, too… and then there are the curses by the Succubi or the lightning enchanted Scarabs (and we seen those will be in the game, and not just with unique monsters as minions). I feel the latter are far, far more dangerous.

If it is not working as intended, and it does not benefit the player, fix it is what their motto has been when it comes to bugs is what they said during Blizzcon.

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A few days ago my level 64ish Barb died to the vipers on NM; if this is not working as intended (and it certainly does not feel that way) , leaving it in as an arbitrary gate on high character leveling is wrong, IMO.

In D2, death has consequences, even if you’re not playing HC. Losing gold and XP is frustrating enough, and for it to happen due to a bug is not good gameplay. Remember the Iron Maiden bug? It forced you into silly workarounds (like equipping melee characters with wands).

As for Mana Burn, I just don’t think it should be instantaneous, but you get used to working around it so I don’t see it as big an issue.

Sorry to say, but I think this will most likely change in some way. I can just imagine the causal player on the alpha test who never played D2 not being able to cast anything and getting frustrated. Goes on the forums and complains about it not being fair.
Then he gets mocked by posts like “Get good noob” etc
Personally it doesn’t bother me that much, but I can see how it can annoy the hell out of new customers and Blizzard loves new customers.

It’s about the Vipers in the Halls of Vaught.

They shoot bugged poison clouds that turn invisible and do very high physical damage.

I personally don’t think that they need to fix this.
It’s one of the few areas where you never feel safe no matter how good your characters gear is.

But in the end I don’t really care.
It’s a rather minor detail and not going to make or break the remaster for me :woman_shrugging:

The mana burn is a big currently I agree keep it in the game but it wasn’t intended to fully drain your mana like it currently does. If I remember it is supposed to be like 50-75% of the damage dealt but correct me if I’m wrong

I dunno you hit a few important words there, bugged, invisible, and high. As a Hardcore player I would hope something that could kill me due to being invisible should be fixed :slight_smile: if you need to break or change other stuff for that to work then no I don’t care, I’ll avoid it.

Due to a bug, mana damage is multiplied by 256 when applied by a melee attack.

Mana burn has been bugged this whole time.
But can it even be considered a bug at this point, if it’s the only way it ever worked for 20 years, that’s another question.

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Tomb Vipers are only in one place in the game. They have a poison attack. You’re thinking of Claw Vipers.

As both of these things have been around forever, all normal players have considered it a challenge, they shouldn’t touch it…

Honestly I never was bothered by either of these, It’s not like they are frenzytaurs…

Hardcore players have been navigating these monsters everyday for almost 2 decades. They are in the area need to farm a key, also many single players use the area to 99, and in some cases mf. Their poison can be just as deadly as Diablo’s lightening and dolls, but we don’t ask these to be removed from the game, we simply learn how to not get killed by them.

You cut out my second sentence you evil man :stuck_out_tongue:

if you need to break or change other stuff for that to work then no I don’t care, I’ll avoid it.

With amp, with multiple auras and 4 champions in the mix! :sweat_smile: Deadly combo!

Yes, but it wasn’t meant to be evil or challenge you, but to share to everyone reading, who isn’t in the know, that hc players navigate these monsters with ease.

I know just bugging :slight_smile:

Does that make you a bugger? :rofl:

Instantly thought about running around Lut crushing bugs.

Splatting scorpions has been known to be a past time of mine.