Major Lag spikes

Lag spike doing great rifts

With the sparsity of information provided, could I suggest…


are you sure it might be another DDOS attack the Russian is trying to learn the secrets of the Petrified Scream stones, and as for the MTR you have enough records on everyone MTR

Bearing in mind it’s 17:50 PDT, and the Tech Support staff have probably left for the evening, this means the earliest your thread’s likely to be looked at is at 09:00 PDT tomorrow morning, i.e. 15+ hours from now, and they’re likely to ask you to provide the information I’ve suggested you provide. It’s up to you whether you do that or not. I’m just a fellow player, attempting to help you.

ya i understand they cut down staff and employee’s,

I am looking for some official word regarding lag spikes in Greater Rifts(GR) in Diablo 3.
Specifically, there is a growing popular theory that “Aera Damage” is the main cause, and Wizards using Comet Meteor Builds are the cause of the what is being blamed as Server Side Lag Spikes on big mob pulls. This seems to be more prevalent in GR 135+ when a Zero Damage Barbarian Tank, Demon Hunter (with chains and traps everywhere), a Crusader with blue lighting flooding the screen, and everyone blames the Wizard running Comet Build. Wizard gets blamed for the lag spike even when the Wizard has not had a chance to cast a single spell before the lag kicks in.
This growing popular theory is putting pressure on players using Wizards to only play using Starpac builds. I have personally received in game harassment and criticism for running a Comet build that at this time fits me best for high DPS and flexible of play. This harassment and criticism not only nasty, upsetting, and degrading. I had to blocked a few players so I don’t have to hear that madness. However, when you get vote kicked, excluded from games, or other players leave the game blaming you. It starts to force a player to play their character for someone else’s enjoyment, and not the for the person playing the character.
The lag I am describing is not isolated to one player, but is felt by the whole group of four players from other login sights and not on a Local Area Network. This lag spike last for a good 5-10 seconds and when clears all non-strength-based uses are dead.
The Mob Pulls can usually be as big as; 4-5+ packs of regular mobs, with 2-3 Elite Blue mobs, and someone with Nemesis braces hitting a shine and then the added Yellow mob is in the mix. Some times there is an added there are two Yellow mob packs and two to three blue mob packs mixed together.
For Blizzard official my question is: Does Area Damage from Paragon and/or gear cause of lag spikes on the server side?
Can or does the Wizard’s Comet builds cause lag spikes? In that it adds load or strain on server side? Or on play side?
For the “Expert” gaming community my question is what control tests have been used to prove the theory that Area Damage from Paragon and gear causes server-side lag? As I have experienced this lag spikes at random and not constant. Where yes lag spikes seem to happen with the large pulls as described above, however I have had them when upgrading gems in GR’s, trying to open stash, in privet games playing non-meteor specs with no area damage.

Yeah the lag spikes are hitting everyone that I play with so I’m going to extrapolate to suggest it’s a game-wide thing. I’d like to be the first to blame all the noob zbarbs out there with Area Damage enabled.

(Seriously, can we just eliminate AD from the game?)

Also, definitely follow through on the advice above to provide additional information so they can actually do something to help.

it has nothing to do with wizards just to clarify. their servers were never intended to handle the load of 50+ mob pulls and their is no way for them to fix it without completely recoding their game. there is no fix, it has nothing to do with area damage, its been like this for every season.