Major exploit in Season 30

I saw an exploit being used in a livestream on Sunday.

The general nature of the bug abuses the extra elite progress globes from the altar and the stain of sin soul shard.

I feel I should not detail the way it works, but overall the result is being able to start a greater rift with up to 25 to 30% progress. This allows for some very unrealistic greater rift clears.

I hope this gets fixed ASAP (this is also a problem for future seasons, as it involves content that will be in future seasons as well).

There is a channel for reporting exploits in Diablo III…

Feel free to provide video clips, links, etc… you think are necessary in your e-mail to Blizzard.


Wait, the rifts can be started with 25-30% progress before the player actually does anything? Am I understanding this correctly?

If yes, then that’s a massive bug.

Is the shard giving you all the extra globes at start instead of per elite or both?

Thank you, I’ll have it removed asap

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So if I have a friend and they are just starting out. I can level them up in a scream. So I think you can level up somebody in a scream at level 1. So what is the difference? So in a way that is kinda cheating to right.