Major bug with 2022 Holiday Event

(Copied from the post in GD):

This is a word of warning for those wanting to get transmogs or just like hunting for the holiday gifts: Do not under any circumstances let them get offscreen or teleport to town before picking them up or else they will despawn.

I had the unfortunate circumstance where I capped my blood shards in an ancient vault that had a ton of holiday gifts, and teleported to town to gamble rings. Big mistake. Upon returning all of the holiday gifts had despawned. A second vault confirmed that even letting them get sufficiently offscreen will despawn them.

If you want to get those gifts, pick them up right away or you’ll lose them.


Thanks for the flag! This is an issue with AFKing and the team is aware. We have a post pinned to note this issue. Thanks again!

I most certainly didn’t AFK in my games. Who got time for AFK when you’re on a mission to massacre goblins? :slight_smile:

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I wish I would see a ton of gifts fall in an ancient vault. Every single vault I have ran so far have only dropped 1 each.

And I get 1 every 2 or 3 GRs…

So… I would have loved to see that many gifts fall… LOL

Wonder if it was a spawn bug and maybe you only thought that many fell but they didn’t?

I didn’t have many ancient rings to run, but me and a friend wiped out our inventory of rings for the season (upgraded normal legendary versions too) and we always got one gift, every single run.

(for the record all those were ancient vaults)


Never more than that. For whatever reason. lol

Oh no, there were indeed that many. I should have taken a screenshot but sadly I was too busy thinking about clearing items off the floor so the game engine would actually show them properly. They caught my eye because they didn’t drop one by one, they literally all came out at the same time in batches. Since we’re talking multiple gifts per available gobling, that’s why I initially thought the drop rate got a heavy nerf, since that many would allow players to very quickly find their missing transmogs within just a few hours.

I’ll be running more, if I can stay awake. Just need to farm up some rings. At least this is all adding some additional flavor to what was for me a foregone conclusion of a season (mainly due to me being tired of having to do a hardcore character in addition to normal for the conquests).

I just rain 3 in non-season. All from Ancient rings. I got a total of 4 gifts. 1 run yielded 2.

I have not seen any multiples drop from anywhere yet. That’s why I think that may have been outside the norm.

Every ancient vault I have ran tonight has given me 1, but I did get 2 from a run not 10 minutes ago.

I have not seen this happen at all. I do notice that they will drop last from a GR boss kill. And probably last from a Gob kill. But never a batch.

And I have done 10 or 11 Ancient vaults in total. I still have 3 more in non-season (actually found an ancient when gambling at Kadala)

An item called “Glowing Ore” dropped for me from the “Gift”.

It’s an obsolete item since patch 2.0.6. Was this intended ?

Have you been “naughty” ? :wink:

Best of luck in your games !

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Not entirely. According to the link you provided, they’re similar to Griswold’s Scribblings in that they can be sold for 50,000 Gold each. (75,000 Gold on console).

Olá boa tarde! Mais alguém ao atualizar O DIII, que já tenha comprado o DIV, não ganhou o pet?.. infelizmente em minha conta ganhei a asa, mas não veio o pet… alguém por favor pode me ajuda? muito grato!

Hello good afternoon! Anyone else when updating DIII, who already bought the DIV, didn’t get the pet?.. unfortunately in my account I got the wing, but the pet didn’t come… can someone please help me? Much obliged!

Check your other post.

Yeah, saw it today reading through the post again :frowning_face: