Maintenance Bugs

@Beacon Look at the post directly above you.

This is exactly what happens in a party since the last patch installed.

One must log out to leave a party.

Also it takes multiple clicking on leave game to actually leave game!

It’s really annoying we can’t make a party. Once we do get in, we are stuck and we have to alt-F4 the game.

I know it is really annoying and frustrating. Even worse when you are trying to hit season goals. If I could fix it I would, but I can’t do that.

I don’t think Araxom (who posted in Bug Reports), is around on weekends either :frowning:

Kind of hard for me to follow up on it during the weekend. I can message him on Monday though I would guess. If not him, maybe I can find someone else.

Didn’t the problems start a few days ago? Why hasn’t it been fixed? There are 24 hours in a day ya know.

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They started Tues with the Bnet infrastructure maintenance.

Unless a game is DOWN, they don’t bring in folks for overtime or call them in on a day off. Last weekend during the DDOS attacks that took down WoW and Overwatch, they hauled staff in.

This error is super irritating, but does not make the game unplayable. Hence the way they prioritized it.

I know it sucks, but that is common :frowning: Not defending it, just saying that is how prioritization of bugs and resources works for most things.

So if bliz doesnt work on the week days and not on the weekends, when do they work?



I get it, you want it fixed. Why lie that they don’t work on weekdays though? Just because it is not a quick fix does not mean they are ignoring it. Maybe it is more complicated than expected? It also involves the Bnet team who handle the infrastructure, logins, communications, etc.

Feel free to be upset of course, I would be too. Just don’t beat up the folks who actually do the work to fix things. They are not some sort of evil group of people laughing that you can’t play the way you want to.

I donno, you just made it sound like everyday was their day off.
Is this why they are so scared of releasing patches during seasons; because they might have to come into work when somethings wrong? ha
It looks like they just might need to patch this season.

Pretty sure I specified Weekends and days off over and over. It costs a company overtime to bring people in outside their normal work schedules.

Most of Blizz works Monday through Friday Pacific time. They are not tied to an 8-5 schedule, as long as they work their 8 hours. Exceptions are made for those who have public facing shifts. They do have a set time they need to be available such as Customer Support, Billing, Tech Support, etc. The folks who handle the Central Network control are also in office 24/7 and on call if things hit the fan.

Devs, QA, Designers, Artists, etc., all work pretty standard biz hours.

So from what I understand the average bliz employee works 8 hours a day m-f and this problem has been going on since tuesday and it still isn’t fixed. Wow must be a real doozie then.

Many MANY times a fix in ANY program is much more complicated than we outsiders can imagine. With this expanding into BNet territory, my guess is Diablo is NOT the only one effected.

However, fixing a bug is much more complicated, even at it’s easiest, than flipping a switch. It’s going into the code, FINDING the issue, then coming up with a fix. So, they fix a bug in area A, and all of a sudden area T starts having issues. Roll back fix of area A, T starts working. Initiate dual-fixes for A, and the subsequent issue in T, and all of a sudden area Q, J, and Z now have issues. Roll back the previous fixes. New issues persist, you establish previous fixes. EVERYTHING WORKS NOW and no one knows why.

From the classes I took on computer programming, this is the process.

Yeah, kind of is. For games that were developed after Blizz rolled out the modern Bnet infrastructure that handles authentication, game entry, communications, etc - it is not so bad. They were built from the ground up to work with Bnet.

WoW, SC2, and Diablo 3 are older. They were not part of that system and had their own launchers, authentication, game communciations, etc. Migrating them to the new platform is kind of tricksy. WoW I think has been largely moved to a new infrastructure which is updated. D3 was not.

So yeah, they can’t just change the Bnet update without impacting all the games built to work with it.

That means figuring out how to get the D3 game code to work with the modern Bnet code…when most of the people who wrote the D3 code are long gone. Anyone who has ever has to deal with getting outdated code and systems to interface with new systems knows the pain.

Hi. Unfortunately after many contacts with bliazzard support they have confirmed that it is not a ddos attack. It is not a battle net problem and it is a problem since the maintenance update. They even went so far as to log into my account and try to create a 4 man party.

So they say they they should be able to fix it on the next maintenance update on wednesday (we hope).

Meanwhile i have spoken with friends on the EU and Asia servers who both had the same issues. They had their issues resolved last week. Whilst we on NA server are still waiting.

Why doesn’t blizzard USA talk to EU or Asia and see how they fixed their issues and stop making excuses like the one i read above saying “the game is playable but not optimal, deal with it”


Of course not. Nobody said it was.

The Maintenance was for Battlenet. So yes, it is a Bnet related problem. D3 did not change.

Yes, there is Bnet maintenance on Wednesday that impacts EVERY Blizzard game - because it is not a D3 thing.

P.S. MVPs (green) don’t work for Blizzard.

You do realize Blizzard is a US company and the maintenance is handled by the US office then rolled out to each Region? You know the EU and Asia do absolutely no work on the Bnet code right? Issues get fixed at the Irvine Californian USA office.

Yes, there is an ETA.

It’s: Soon ™ - mwahahaha! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, in my book Super Irritating ruins the whole reason I’m even playing a game.

I’m speaking the truth here.
And if it gets me banned, well so be it.
I am not a Troll and am not causing trouble.

I am sick of screwed up circumstance’s surrounding D3 play.

The only way one can play atm is solo and be reasonably free of the myriad problems in chat, clan and group play.

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Just had the most bizarre thing happen to us. We were in a hard KW pub since thats the only place party chat works, and we actually had 5 people in the room. First time i ever saw that.

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Miss are you now telling us the consumer what is playable and unplayable and irritating? Is that not the customers job to give feedback on what they think. Do you play? Do you make 4 man parties all day? Do you fish GR maps and mob types? Do you have friends come and go in your games? How do you know what to us is irritating and what is unplayable?

Take ownership. Do not minimise or excuse.

Put your hand up. Fix it. FYI EU and Asia both had the party issue and they no longer do. I don’t care about the how or why they got fixed. Just want NA fixed too.

And if you dont work for blizzard then just ignore this whole thread as it has nothing to do with you. Cheers


NEVER PLAYED PTR AND ALL WORRIED WONT FINISH SEASON 18 NOW…10+ DAYS NEVER PLAYED IT STILL WAITING WITH 30 OTHERS TO PLAY LIVE AGAIN…TORTURE. nev pls get us a update…we need maintenance on the diablo server before me an these 30+ people miss out on season 18 not just PTR HERE Start Game Greyed Out - Unable to join game, only available to party leader