[Main Thread] Windows 19041 - Freezing for 5-10 seconds

Our team is still looking into the issue and still haven’t confirmed what exactly is causing the problem, but they do have a hunch to what the issue is. With it being the weekend, I may not be able to get more information until the weekday. I’ll check back to see if there’s any additional information to share on this issue.


Bizarre how this is not fixed yet. The game is unplayable for most of us, unless we break the game files. This results in no sound. A lot of us have taken a lot of time to resolve this issue, before stumbling upon this forum post. I had this issue for over 3 weeks before i found a fix/workaround. i put in hours and hours of time to try and fix it. I was afraid that my pc was the problem ofcourse…
I can imagine that less technical people thought their pc is broken and bought a new one or they have just stopped playing the game they like. Issues like this should get high priority! It seems like this will take another month at lease if they have not even found the cause of the problem yet. That is just unacceptable.


I haven’t played much with the latest patch it’s not playable.

D3 is unplayable for me right now, stutter mess.

Each GR game I start I get 3 freezes now per game that last 20seconds each and some crash the game.

It is a mess! Unplayable and constantly freezes. It is certainly a server side error!

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yup i also have this wierd problem afther latest windows update 2004 unplayable thinking about unistalling the game becaus season is kinda game over for me anywhays becaus of this GG unlocks GG diablo

Same here, HC is kinda frustrating with random freezes. They should be able to restore characters because of dying and not being my fault. Well, maybe it is my fault for playing this game. Time to move on?

Been a long time diablo fan but this has gotten old not enjoying playing with no sound or constant problems thinking why should we pay for d4 when they cant even keep 3 working…

Ok so let me get this straight… The first post of this thread was in mid-June. There are over 130 replies to the original post. And… it’s AUGUST!!! AND THE PROBLEM IS STILL NOT FIXED??? Are you serious??? I GOTTA know: Do you care anymore? Are you too busy with other things to worry about an issue that actually makes the game unplayable? I have tried these DLL thingys and I’m still… STILL having issues. Again… It is now AUGUST!!! 2 months of this happening and you can’t be bothered to stay during a weekend to see if your “hunch” was correct? I would love nothing more than to play this game to keep from going crazy with everything that is going on out there these days. But I can’t because you seem to not take this game-breaking issue seriously. I usually don’t go a dramatic cry baby like this but… I seriously don’t think you guys care about us anymore. ESPECIALLY the HC players that have had their progress and characters erased because of this bug. I really hope you have something in place for them. Because this is not their fault… at all.

So many angry players here :slight_smile:

They are working on the issue; we have a workaround that will solve the problem in the short term albeit without gameplay sound.

The issue is with the bug that while 100’s are effected maybe 1000’s there are 10,000’s that don’t have an issue. I play with around 100 different people and 10 might have the issue ranging from full lockups for 10+ seconds (me) to .5 seconds (many). So, replicating the issue is difficult because not everyone has the issue.

My advice is to stay calm but if you can’t for the sake of your mental wellbeing, move onto something else and remove Diablo from your life.

Right. Hardware combination could be a factor. Software setup as well. Either way they would have to try to get as close to condition as possible to reproduce and then verify fix. It’s a long and tedious process.

It is frustrating that after so long the problem persists. Does anyone else deal with this problem?

Yes, I stopped playing d3 :laughing:
And I realized, crap maps, crap loots AND bugs… why am I playing this game ?!
Good luck guys.

I just hope GoD DH is fun next season.

I’m running 1909 and I’m have the same problem. This has been going on for awhile. I thought it had something to do with my 4K-TV. I even change mother and video card. It is still doing.

But now it is even getting worse. It is getting to the point that when it does it. The battle-net interface will crash too. I still can play the game after 10 to 15 sec. But the interface now is a Sq. Box with nothing in the middle of it.

Plus like the other people I only have it in Diablo. My other games play fine.

I expect next week as well that when MS release their Aug patches that removes the block for the 2004 update and thus it will get pushed out to a lot more people we will see an increase in issues.

The problem exists! Regardless of build 1909 or 2004. I tried on different PCs, different configurations. Hdd exchanges, motherboards, memories … In a group run the game actually freezes repeatedly for 8-10 seconds.

Yeah same on 1909 for me

I have had where the screen on a area that gets distorted and you go to another area it will be fine.