Lower the drop rates of ALL Legendaries including Ethereal

I played the PTR on the EU server for a week creating a Hardcore Season Barb (till lvl 820) and a Season Barbarian (till lvl 750). I liked the plan of commemorating D2 by introducing the Ethereals. I did not like the idea that there are no Primal Ethereals.
Also guys please put a blue (Ethereals) and yellow frame stats border (Ancients) as you did with the red for the Primals.

And some crafting sounds for Ancients and Primals if possible. And lower the drop rates on ALL items, so we can cherish and value them more.

I have played D3 from the very beginning on all the three servers. I’ve seen all stages of development in that game. For me in those days D3 was a purpose in life. Every ‘simple’ legendary was so hard to get back in 2012/2013/2014. I remember playing days without a single legendary drop. And now what happened? Ancients, Primals and now Ethereals, are dropping like crazy (‘Ethereal rarity drop rate is set between Ancient and Primal items.’). Hopefully the above statement is only meant for the PTR. Otherwise Ethereals will kill the ‘Primal’ stars. Or please introduce Primal Ethereals.

And Blizzard, please lower that drop rate of ALL Legendaries and make us feel lucky when something drops, as back in the good old days, before Loot 2.0.

Ah, the days when we could get crossbows with INT, mighty weapons with DEX and wands with STR. Yeah, I played back then and the game is better now, including the loot.


No, those days werent good, it was self torture.


I really wish people would just stop blaming loot 2.0 for the abysmally high drop rates. The main purpose of loot 2.0 was to fix the hideously bad quality of drops, so that the drops were actually meaningful. Before loot 2.0 99.9999999999999999999999999999999% of all drops, not just legendaries, were utterly worthless.

Loot raining from the sky is due to power creep. Because drop rates are tied to difficulty levels, all the added power and additional difficulty levels over the years have increased the drop rates to ridiculous levels. Before all the power creep, during RoS launch era, drop rates were actually pretty reasonable. Playing on T1 even the progress was slow and good drops were really rare.

If you find the drop rate too higher:

After bounties, a Nephalem rift or a GR, keep your items unidentified.

Keep 10% on a side and, on another side, 90%.

On this 90%:

  • 50% have to be items related to your class
  • 25% have to be set pieces related to your class
  • 25% of “garbage” items.

Salvage your 90%.
Now you can identify your 10%.

Edit: your necromancer is awesome :joy:

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As is your ‘Sacados’ Barbarian :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

An absolutely terrible idea with the current scaling.

It also wouldnt do much for the intended goal as the game would shift to DB farming for legendaries.

It’s a French hero’s name/“word game” (not sure about the trad) about “Sac à dos” which means “backpack” in English :wink:

Like my crusader, but it’s more difficult to explain why ^^

Yeah loved farming item level 62 or 63 rares, cause legendary and set items were, so “great” and nowadays it seems like devs are trying to go back to these days, by ruining almost every still working build left in the game, by pointless nerfs, cause poor METAs and group players can’t stand the fact that the game is too “easy” for them with their THUD, macros and playing (botting?) 16-20h a day for whole season duration, crying out loud, cause they can run 150 GR in 3-4 minutes in season and less than 3 minutes in non season, while most solo players are happy to clear a 110-120 GR at all… :roll_eyes:

Yeah please lower the drop rates for legendaries and ethereals, cause botters need a reason to play this season right? :roll_eyes:

Hell, why stop at lowering legendary and set items drop rates and removing smart loot, loot 2.0, lets also remove Acount Bound, so botters could sell items on E-bay or d2jsp too…


So true! From the time the Action House was removed I was expecting all bots to disappear, but unfortunately that was not the case. Same people have to be at top of the Leaderboards every season from the Beginning to the End, no matter what :disappointed:

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Legendary items fall like butter on flapjacks at T16. But, I suppose it should. Problem is, that is relatively easy to get to and is where the majority of playtime is spent so one does get the impression its raining artifacts (hallelujah!).

Anyway, reducing the drop rates would make Haedrig’s Gift incredibly powerful but I’d hate to get one for a set I don’t like… which may curtail people playing things.

That’s it. It’s really because it’s very popular to increase rewards when one increases difficulty. The problem with that logic is the increased rewards tends to nullify the increase in diffculty. Do that over and over and you get D3.

Adding another layer on to that was the decision to require very specific gear to do just about anything. That means you have to make it easy to acquire that gear and the game over time developed an ecosystem to make that happen.

The result is a game that became not about acquiring gear but perfecting it. While that’s still a grind either way, I think threads like this show us one of those grinds is deemed more fun than the other.

Botters are everywhere…

That is the idea, which will push people to try other sets too, depending on the season and will value more the current items one acquires through the season.

The BEST, which needs to happen is a total item and experience reset every ten years. Nothing is forever. Let us start fresh from scratch. Make all items legacy and reset the game. It will be best for the servers and best for all other NEW potential players, which might join the community. Like getting a new partner after a fresh divorce - it will be a dream comes true. This will encourage the NEW players to join the sinking ship and throw out the water quicker…it is time for a change! A Win-Win for Blizzard and all the real Diablo past, recent and future fans. A NEW ERA that will totally kill the BOTS.

That likely won’t happen, thanks to legacy of dreams. Rather than playing a set that a person actually disliked, they’d likely settle for getting and leveling a LoD gem. At least that’s what I do whenever the Haedrig’s Gift offers a set I don’t want to play.

  1. We all want those transmogs and the archivement, right? I am sure the PTR-Droprate is higher, than the normal droprate during season will be, just to let you tests the etherals before season starts. Same might be true for finding Etherals of other classes. I still fear that I have to use every class during season to get them all.

  2. Loot 2.0 makes the game a little bit boring sometimes, you feel you find the same set items over and over again, but with the earlier lootsystem and withoit the rmah it would not be possible to build any of the stuff you need. Loot 2.0 was needed to make the game playable and even though legends and sets may fall very often you need that mats to roll your stuff. This is D3 and not D2. It is okay to drown in trash-legends for mats, here.
    If you 2ant to play a harder game with less legends, then good news. Soon D2 resurected will be released. :wink:

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You realize that in PTR they intentionally heavily raise drop rates because the point of ptr is testing gear and builds in a small time frame in order to work out balancing and issues right? Lowering drop rates would make it far less pheasible to do that in the limited time frame of PTR. its a public test realm for a reason ya? The loot rates go back to normal in live.

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Nothing you proposed will allow you to do that with this game’s scaling.

Dumbest post I’ll read all day.


Not a fan of those days in original d3,it was very tiring to get your first lego for character you played but it had intellect for barb and ends up salvaged.We need more legos to drop because we have to blow them all on cube reforges.