Lost the hype for d2:r

Anyone else lost a bit of their hype for d2:r due to the total lack of anything like news or updates as to how things are going.
I get these things take time but some new videos of different acts, show off some art, give a d2 clone teaser…


I’m still hyped. I wish they’d share more updates, but I know they’re busy working on the game and beta will be coming soonish.


Hyped as ever, just hope they look again at those character models.


Nope, still more hyped for it than I have been for any other game. Every day we wait is another day spent on quality, I don’t want those extra loading screens and I’d like whatever anti-bot implementations to be as resilient as possible. Give me at least one legit season without random DC/RD/entire game list being bot generated. Alpha feedback gave them a lot to work on, and judging by what people had posted from the cracked version there is still a lot of content to be remastered.

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Time to put our focus into other things and let them work. I don’t personally want to be hype 24/7 for this honestly. I am looking forward to the release though!


I’m still hyped for D2: R! Still play WoW, and D2 everyday in the mean time! :slight_smile:

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Personally, I am still hyped. Unless the news is about the release date I don’t really care haha.

summer is behind a window, weather is beautiful … no need any news till fall :smiley:


Not really.

I don’t have any inside information, but there are few things, that I know.
Some people figured out a way to download an alpha client (now gonna discuss how), that is slightly different than the original technical alpha version.

The necro has a new face, the amazon looks 40 years old rather than 60 (still not as young as she should have been based on the D2 model), the druid looks better and things like that.

I imagine the devs are gonna iterate further on the character faces, as well as working on act 3, 4 and 5.

I don’t see the need for frequent news. I’d say it’s unreasonable to expect the devs to tweet a picture of what they’ve worked on each and every day.

My hope is, that they add a modern action bar;
a dedicated space for charms (at least for single player);
allow creation of ladder only runewords on single player (because you can use those if you get them via some sort of character editor and they work, just their creation is disabled as of current).

I also would like to how how they are going to rework the World Event / Diablo Clone… as there is no way it’s gonna work the way it did back in D2.

not at all man

Have been busy lately but still checking the forum everyday at least once for news of the beta and interesting posts.

I’m looking forward to resting at home a while playing d2R, even got myself a new chair for the pc last week.

I think I would preferer a release after summer is over anyway its nice to be outside at this time of year.

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You shouldn’t preorder a game if you aren’t willing to wait until it comes out.

Blizzard doesn’t owe anyone any update. The game will be done when it’s done, and until it is, they are busy working on it.

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Haven’t lost my hype–just wish we got more updates-but I have other things to occupy my time while we wait

I am with you on this–ready for it but but doing other things in the meantime

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Not at all. It’s called patience. But, I’m guessing I grew up in a different time than you. I’d walk into a Best Buy and there would be a new game. “Hey, that looks awesome.” Guess what? No announcements, no need for constant updates. Games just materialized or you saw an announcement in a magazine that something was coming.

My hype is down cause of lack of communication yes but im saving my complaint thread till june 29th the anniversary of diablo 2. I assume we get a beta/beta date and we SHOULD get a release date, if we dont then I say any anger is justified. I remember people arguing to me this game will be out by july lol

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Your anger would not be justified.

You preordered a game stated to come out “before December 31st, 2021”. We are still well before that date, therefore, they have not broken any promises or expectation.

People like Whirlwind are the ones you should be angry at. Their constant threads and linking to their threads pointing to false dates and expectations have created a LOT of false hopes which are slowly crumbling apart and irritating people.

Instead of being angry at Blizzard-- who have not so far broken any of their promises-- be angry at the people who are spreading false information on these forums, and trying to tell you that it’s coming soon totally we swear.

We have no confirmation. Blizzard owes us nothing.


I haven’t Lost “Hype” for the Games release.

I’m However rather disappointed Pre-ordering the game and Not be getting New updates/feed back and information from Blizzard/Vv
Everyone else that’s saying it’s called patients and to just wait ect. Yall aren’t true Diehard fans talking that way.
Why even Bother dropping a Comment if that’s all you got to say, your Nobody’s daddy on here son so leave that speech @ the door. (not hearing it)
I’m gonna complain even more about Blizzard Until they release something #fact

im still hyped but the lack of news and community feedback is truly hurting indeed

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I just hope this game will be out sometimes between August - October :slight_smile:
I can wait for it, I know this game gonna blow your mind on the first day It comes out.
Be patient even if it is boring to wait :cowboy_hat_face:

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You can tell the overall hype dropped because there are only a handful of new threads/posts each day now.

Probably won’t be much hype until they announce the next alpha/beta test.